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Guest Posting for Women Unlimited

photo of radio microphone on blue backgroundWelcome to Women Unlimited Worldwide

We will always consider new writers and guest posts, but we do have criteria that you will need to meet – so please take a few moments to read below before sending us your details.

We are a PR5 website and have been going for over 6 years.

Here are our guidelines…

  1. The author of the post should be a business owner in their own right or be in some way related to helping women business owners grow their business. We don’t accept guest posts from content writers working for content generating organisations or agencies.
  2. The article should be full of practical, credible advice or tips that women can easily implement within their business; or should be inspiring/motivating and aimed at helping our community become more personally effective within their business. The body of the article should not be about marketing your product or service. However, we do allow links to your business and any offers you may wish to promote within your author/bio box below the article.
  3. Please tailor your post to our audience – which means you should read some of the other posts and understand the type of content we are looking for. Our core audience are women in business, many of them corporate crossovers who have moved from the ‘having a job’ to becoming the owner of their own enterprise (we are not so much in the ‘mumpreneur’ space so please don’t submit articles targeted for the very specific ‘mums’ audience).
  4. The article should be positive – we will never say anything negative about women in business – we are here to support them in a friendly and positive way!
  5. Please include an author bio at the end with information about you, your business and all of your social media / web links. Also make sure you have an email address attached to a photo at Gravatar (this will ensure your picture is alongside your bio box) and also helps with people commenting on your article.
  6. Articles should be 800-1500 (850 is perfect) words in length, although articles can be longer if the post is very valuable or is structured as a series.
  7. We love ‘how to’ articles – particularly ones that are marketing oriented. Every article should inspire or educate our audience.
  8. Articles must be exclusive to Women Unlimited i.e. they should not be posted elsewhere first, or on your own blog.
  9. Final editorial control rests with us and it’s likely we will edit your article and/or headline. We may also reject it, if it’s not appropriate or if it’s too focused on marketing as opposed to being useful information.
  10. We don’t accept posts from sites just wanting inbound links.

Please email your headlines ideas/guest post to editor@womenunlimitedworldwide.com If you are successful, or we wish to see a revised version of an idea, we will contact you within 10 days of receiving your email. If you do not hear back from us after 10 days then your post has not been accepted – apologies but we are not resourced to answer unsuccessful contributions, so please don’t keep emailing asking if we have received your article – We review all articles/ideas submitted within a 10 day period.

Thank you so much for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you!