10 places to find hot joint venture partners!

A joint venture is a business agreement where 2 or more businesses come together to pool their resources in order to make a profit. Common joint venture examples are eBooks, webinars, teleclasses and telesummits where the contributors co-author a book or co-present at an event. I recommend joint ventures for my clients as they are a great way to grow your prospect list and to take on new clients. At the same time you can expand your reach to the network or mailing list of your partners, make more money as a result of selling to a wider audience, share strengths and minimize risks, plus adding great value to your clients and customers as you bring on board new expertise.

So, where can you find joint venture partners?

They are everywhere! Have a look in these 10 places. See how many you can find in the next one hour! Three signs that they are not just possible partners but hot ones too are: (a) how active they are -the more, the better; (b) the size of their list – the bigger, the wider the exposure for you, and (c) their connections – if they are well connected then so will you be by joining their networks!

Following are 10 places to find your joint venture partners:

1.       Article and blog directories:

Make a list of the regular contributors and visit their websites for a better feel of what they are about.

2.       Online forums and groups:

Who are the major contributors here? They are demonstrating their expertise and willingness to help. Pick a few and look them up.

3.       Networking groups:

Make a note of the active networkers who participate regularly.

4.       Book stores, online and off!

Authors of books in your field are always looking to expand their reach and boost their exposure. You could boost your profile by partnering with them.

5.       Industry magazines and trade journals:

Contributors and advertisers are aiming at the same market. Consider collaborating with them.

6.       Social media:

Note both the contributors and those who leave comments. Keep an eye open for text, video and audio contributors. Make contact before you need people and build relationships with them.

7.       Exhibitions and trade fairs:

Bring your potential collaborators together. Get out there and meet them!

8.       Professional associations:

Where your colleagues and potential collaborators gather. Do not just pay attention to your own professional association; visit others to meet those in complimentary professions.

9.       Search engines and alerts:

Do a search using your keywords to find potential JV partners. Set up Google alerts and receive news from your industry daily or weekly. Some names will come up often. These are the people to watch and collaborate with!

10.   Your clients!

This might be a surprise but some of your past and present clients could make great joint venture partners. You may already know their strong points and they already like and trust you. Go through your database and pick them out!

If you can find just 10 people from each of these categories, that would make 100 possible joint venture partners! Write out a contact schedule and start to get in touch with them. Now is the time to build these connections, not when you need them. Keep on adding to this list and you will never run out of potential collaborators. Now, go out there and expand your reach, make more money, share your strengths and minimize your risks, as well as adding great value with your joint ventures!

About the author: After failing in several businesses due to lack of clients, Oma Edoja learned what works, built her client-attractive business and now helps women business owners attract regular, ideal clients! She is the creator of the GetClear, GetKnown, GetClients System (TM): 7 easy steps to attracting regular, ideal clients. Through this vehicle Oma shares her wisdom and experience gathered over 20 years and learned from her successful mentors. This way, she is able to help you avoid the mistakes she has made, saving you time, money, and wasted effort!
Find out more at http://getcleargetknowngetclients.com/about-get-clients-program/testimonials/

Oma Edoja

Oma Edoja is an author, speaker and Women's Business Growth Mentor who is passionate about empowering women! She is the UK's go-to-gal for ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to get more clients, make more money and make a bigger impact on the people they serve. Oma is the author of "The Essential Get Clients Guide: 14 Reasons Women Business Owners Struggle to Get Clients and How to Avoid Them." She invites you to download your FREE copy here. Find out more from Oma's client testimonials here.

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