12 steps to successful joint ventures

Joint ventures are the crème de la crème of effective business networking. If you’re looking to create momentum quickly and achieve big breakthroughs in 2009, joint venture marketing is a must-leverage strategy!

To get you set in the right direction, here are my Top 12 Must-Do’s to Partner and Prosper with Joint Ventures…

1 Create and Leverage a Purposeful Marketing Action Plan:
In order to leverage this high ROI marketing strategy you need to clearly define the Who What When Where Why and how you plan to get the results you want and the success you deserve!

2 Become a student of Joint Venture Marketing:
Read books, ebooks, articles and blogs; attend workshops (live or by teleclass); find a mentor… Take responsibility for your success and do whatever you need to do to acquire the knowledge and skills you need.

3 Get a reality check:
Is it possible that YOU are sabotaging your success? Are there things you know you should be doing but don’t and can’t explain why you put them off? Are you not sure that you can succeed? In order to find your most direct path to success, you must place your beliefs and behaviours under a microscope and get out of your own way!

4 Expand and leverage your network:
A relevant and responsive network can become your insurance policy for success! Creating “social capital” in this way positively impacts your financial capital thru referrals, better qualified clients, access to information and more.

5 Relationships for Results:
Understand that referral marketing takes TIME. Mutually beneficial, win-win business relationships must evolve from contact to credibility to trust before they can become consistently prosperous.

6 Identify Your JV Dream Team:
What are your goals? Do you need to increase your visibility? Do you need to boost your credibility? Do you want to increase your revenue? Once you’ve clearly defined the outcome you desire. Identify – specifically – WHO can help you to achieve it and how will they benefit by helping you?

7 Step-By-Step Joint Venture:
Leverage proven systems and checklists for JV Success. Look for specific joint venture solutions for your specific business challenges. Model your successes and the success of others.

8 Learn the Mindsets and Success Rituals of The Rich and Famous:
Motivation, Purpose, Perception, Abundance, Possibilities, Willingness, Desire… the list goes on. Become a student of success and model those who have accomplished what you are trying to do.

9 Make giving the foundation of your marketing:
Joe Vitale really hit the nail on the head when he published his book “The Greatest Money-Making Secret In History”. Giving fuels Joint Venture Success and activates the law of attraction.

10 Make Meaningful Connections:
In order to create joint ventures you need to reach out and connect with the potential partners on your list. Do your research so that you can connect in a meaningful and motivating way. Focus on the benefit to THEM.

11 Learn How to Lead and Motivate Your Partners:
Be the kind of JV partner that you want to connect with. Exemplify the qualities of a high quality joint venture partner and that is exactly what you will attract. Learn to lead the joint ventures you create. Motivate your partners by learning to leverage proven follow up and keep in touch strategies.

12 Build Momentum and Increase Revenue thru Consistent and Purposeful Action:
The real key to successful marketing is to select just a few simple, effective things to do and then do them consistently over and over. This is how you can build momentum and grow your business quickly by doing less.

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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