17 marketing tips to use in your business from real women business owners

What better way to celebrate Women’s Enterprise Day than sharing more of these great tips from the women who are part of the Women Unlimited community.  Thank you ladies for your great tips!  Please share these on Twitter or Facebook if you like them.

Be expert at what you do

Didy Ward • Know everything you can about your business and become an expert in what you do.
Know everything you can about your customer and what media he/she consumes.
Be there, through articles, letters, blogs etc. to meet him or her!
And keep on doing it !

Didy Ward

Ask for what you want

Patrick M. Dacre • Ask..ask..ask. USP and branding leave most markets cold. Do focus groups and word of mouth. Drop all the Ego based I’m the best stuff. Booooooooooooring. The marketing is ask, NOT push. But then again, what do I know, huh?

(note: we know that Patrick’s not a woman, but it is good advice…)

Learn and keep learning

Michele Harty • If the world of “marketing” is a mystery to you, there is a wealth of information and advice out there for new start ups and entrepreneurs. A good starting point is The British Library which offers some excellent work shops.

Once you’ve planned your marketing strategy do keep it going; to be truly effective and to get those results, you really do need to keep “feeding it”.

To wind up, dare I say, if you need to impress, a crisp fresh white shirt works all the time! Have a look at my website http://www.perfekcija.com and redeem your 15% Women Unlimited Discount.


Use email marketing

Kate Dumycz • If you’ve got a website and interested in eMarketing, then investigate using an email “opt-in” form. Visitors to your site have the option to complete this form and “opt-in” to receiving regular emails from you. You then have their email address and their permission to send them regular emails – so absolutely no spamming and they can opt-out at any point.

For my regular emails, I send a mixture of practical personal coaching exercises; information about the effects on businesses/participants attending my coaching course and sales literature. So I’m slowly drip-feeding interested visitors to my website who may ultimately become potential clients.

Sign up to my form on my website http://www.kjd-coaching-solutions.com/

Joan Robertson • Get as many email addresses and mobile numbers of prospective clients as you can and then send out fun emails to get their attention and fun texts. Your aim is to speak to as many clients as possible. Its a numbers games – the more people you speak to – the more you are going to sell to! Simple!

Connect on Facebook

Sell solutions, not products

Andrea Opoku • Much like the others have mentioned above: Sell solutions to your customers’ problems not the products/services you have on offer. A customer doesn’t just want to buy a loaf of bread, they want make the perfect sandwich.

Also Network, Network, Network!! You never know which contact will bring in that large order or contract!

Andrea Opoku GreenBean Marketing
http://www.greenbeanmarketing.co.uk http://www.twitter.com/andreaopoku

Make your voicemail standout

Mary Cantando • Most women don’t think of themselves as boring or ordinary…but that’s how their voicemail sounds. Listen to your’s today…and re-record it to stand out from the crowd.

This advice comes from The Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendarhttp://www.WomansAdvantage.biz/calendar

Be consistent

Clare Logie • Remember it’s not what you do or what you say that people will remember, it’s how you make them FEEL….. so, really agreeing with what a number of contributors are saying above about consistency, focusing on your existing clients and ensuring service quality absolutely delivers on, if not exceeds, any of your marketing promises. Just don’t disappoint people – ever!

Clare Logie, Strategic Director, Independent Women – tailored financial services

Keep focused

Michele Harty • I would also say that it is very important to keep “focused” on what you do best. Its all too easy to become distracted or try to do too much! I suspect we are all guilty of the latter at some time or other! The same is true of marketing, have a clear view of what you represent and what your goal is, ie what you are ultimately aiming for.


Know your customer

Rosemary Cooper-Clark • My advice is to ask your customers and potential customers and past customers, what they want, who do they think is good at delivering what they want and why. This tells you what is important to your customer, their perceptions of competitors and what you can do about it.


Annick Adjo • Find out who buys your product. Find out all you can about their lifestyle so you can fine tune your offering to their taste. Follow your instinct, be aware of the competition but do not spend too much time comparing yourself. Be true to yourself and concentrate on what it is that your customers like about your product.
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Speak to one influential person a day

Christine Alexander-Smith • The best piece of marketing advice I have been given is to ensure I meet or speak to one influencial person every day. Also not to chase the money, but to focus on the product and its value to your clients


Use social media

Mildred Talabi • In this day and age you cannot afford to ignore social media if you’re serious about taking your marketing anywhere. Make sure you have a presence on Facebook and Twitter at the very least and depending on your kind of business, a written blog or video blog (YouTube) can also help to raise awareness of your business and will eventually convert to more customers and with it sales.


Put your logo on your car

Deb Massey • I have a 4×4 and a really cost effective way of helping to create brand awareness is to have your company logo and website printed on to the spare wheel cover – great for a captive audience when stuck in traffic jams!

Deb Massey

Use your networks

Emily Man • What a fantastic page of advice – I think this page says it all – use your networks. Once you have a well chosen network then make sure that you ask the right questions of them and listen to the answers.
The best piece of advice I have been given is don’t be lead by your competitors, but by the voice inside. Keep track of the market and know your market inside out, but once you are sure of the knowledge make sure that you are working in Flow and that you enjoy the journey.

Help others

Amanda Aitken • Always be kind, and share whenever you can! If you take the time to help people by linking them up with other people you know, sending them info that might be helpful to them in their businesses, and generally being an open book, your prospects will remember it. It’s all about the “know, like and trust” factor. 🙂

Amanda Aitken

Use multiple ways to market

Maggie Berry • Don’t just stick to traditional methods of marketing – when I think back to the amount of money we spent on conventional ‘advertising & marketing’ when we first set the business up, it makes my eyes water! Network, attend relevant events, get speaking opportunities if you can, blog, comment on articles, be active online, make your brand work hard for you, be the specialist in your area and if you do spend budget on a big campaign, make sure you have the resource (time and energy) to follow up promptly on any enquiries and leads. I view marketing as an ongoing process – not just something that happens every now and then. Thanks, Maggie


Don’t do it alone

Johanna Miklos • I so agree with everything that has been said – I definitely need to change my voice-mail and could easily turn the car into a rolling Ad campaign! Just two items from the to-do list I now have.

I would like to add: don’t do it alone. Small businesses (like mine) are often one person operations with limited time, money, and energy. It’s a good idea to find a mentor. Here in New York the Small Business Associations will match small businesses/start-ups with experienced business professionals.

Johanna Miklos

Believe in yourself

Angela Slattery • Whatever marketing activities you do, do them with integrity and respect. The world (especially on-line) is a very small place and it’s amazing how many people out there may know someone who knows you – and who could one day be a potential client.
And believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed.

Angela Slattery. Azure Interactive Hypnotherapy. http://www.azure-hypnotherapy.co.uk

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