20 SEO techniques to boost your web presence

The application of SEO techniques can be mysterious and confusing.  Fortunately I’m here to help demystify and give you my top 20 tips to boost your site up to the top of the search engines’ pages.

In a very basic nutshell, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making it easier for your website to be discovered by the search engines. You increase your presence on the web which also directs more traffic your way.

The main ingredients in the recipe for great SEO are quality content, good links and human appeal.

1. Don’t bore the search engines

Write original, interesting content (copying content is not only unethical, it will get you nowhere because the SEs have become extremely intelligent these days. In other words, relevant material is what matters the most to these smarties!)

2. Little and often

Give the search engines a regular diet of content by just adding a little bit on a regular basis (blogging two to three times a week works great).

3. Don’t overdo the keywords

Do not force feed the search engines with tons of keywords crammed into your text; this will backfire on you.

4. Inbound links

Use lots of inbound links; this is one of the ways search engines evaluate how good your website is.

5. Back links

Submit articles to article directories which will create back-links to your site.

6. Email links

Links in your newsletters and emails can be very valuable.

7. Lots of links

Add yourself to directories (options for submission are usually paid links which are expensive)
free links (take months for approval)
and reciprocal links (you scratch my back & I’ll scratch yours).

8. Get on twitter

Build back-links by tweeting  and also retweeting other people’s stuff and making sincere informative comments on blogs.

9. Titles and tags

Optimize your post title tag separately from your blog title.

10. Quality over quantity

Think quality when building links because one link from a high-ranking, authoritative site can be “the bomb” for SEO juice.

11. Don’t ‘click here’

Use your keyword as the link instead of the words ‘CLICK HERE’.

12. Surround links with useful text

Surround your links with keyword anchor text and also descriptive text.

13. One word per page

Give each page on your website just one keyword instead of several.

14. Caption your pics

Use captions with your images including either the word “image” or “picture.”

15. Be succinct and concise

Your title, descriptions and keywords targeting your product or service show up on the search engines.

16. Help the ‘spiders’

Title tags on each page, meta keys and meta descriptions help the search engines spider to your advantage.

17.  They’re not fussy

Search engines are not picky regarding RL file extensions so it doesn’t matter whether you use html, htm, asp, php, etc.

18. Avoid, avoid, avoid

Search engines are allergic to Flash, Frames and AJAX so don’t use them.

19. Get videos out and about

Submit your videos not only to YouTube, but also to MetaCafe, Vimeo, DailyMotion, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

20. Analyse your traffic

Use search analytics to monitor your traffic and compare the results from your various strategies.


Do you have any hot SEO tips or techniques you use when writing your blog or designing your web pages? Is there anything that you get really stuck with, or just don’t understand? Please do get in touch using the comments section below.

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