3 Hot “Faster Sales” Tips!

Would you like to speed up your sales so that it takes less time and effort to get new clients? If you answered with a Yes, this article is for you!

Before I get started with revving up your sales I must mention that certain key elements must be in place. For instance, you must be offering a product or service that enough people want and are willing to buy. You also need a clear and compelling message about your offering, so that people immediately understand how you could help them, or someone they know. Without these two basics, there is nothing in the world that could speed up your sales, so be sure to settle these first!

Now that you are ready with your in-demand product and compelling message, here are 3 tips to help speed up your sales:

1. Make wise use of objections!

When people raise questions and concerns about your offerings it shows that they are thinking about your product or service and gauging the returns on a possible investment. When they say nothing, they most likely do not think it worth the trouble. So, be glad for objections! In fact, anticipate and create a written list of them. Then create responses to every possible objection about your product or service. Get your friends, colleagues and members of your target audience to share their thoughts on your product. Add their objections to your list and create responses to these too.

Next, weave all of these objections and responses into your marketing copy and various communications. Become skilled at answering your prospects’ questions before they even ask. Then you will encounter less resistance as you ask for the sale as your prospects’ questions will all be answered before they are even asked!


Where to use objections: In sales copy, presentations, product descriptions, emails, FAQs, email signatures, author bios, social media profiles, status updates, videos, interview questions, topics for articles, discussions and shows, and at every available opportunity!


2. Come fully prepared!

When you have any kind of selling conversation, have all the information and support in place to receive the sale. Provide all the information your prospect needs to make an informed decision. You want to avoid saying things like, “Thank you for your decision to buy XYZ. In a few days you will receive our invoice and terms and conditions.” You need to have these items to hand, right there! Bring them physically to a meeting or have them online and ready to send. The point is to be ready as soon as the prospect is ready and not leave the door open to smart competitors, to procrastination or to the prospect’s fears and limiting beliefs.


Things to have ready: Product descriptions, benefits and features, testimonials and recommendations, price lists and promotions, payment options and plans, invoices and receipts, terms and conditions, FAQs, delivery options, contact details, bank details, names of contacts, currency converters, time zone converters and everything you need to sign up your new clients! Create a checklist and run through this before every selling conversation you hold.


3. Have a plan in place:

Do not just wing it! Create both the front and back ends of your sales process. Let me explain:

Your front end is your initial sales pitch or presentation. This could be in-person, virtual or through your promotional materials.

Your back end is your follow-up sequence, listing every step you will take your prospects through from first enquiry to sale. Be sure to create your front and back ends for every product and promotion. It is hard work but it will help you anticipate and overcome obstacles and be prepared. Your plan will also help with delegating and automating as you now know in advance what comes next. Most importantly, once you have the process in place, with your front and back ends, you can relax and run your sales cycle on auto pilot.


What to include in your plan or process: Every step, from first enquiry to sale. Provide for “Yes,” “No” and “Not now” responses. And once you have the hang of this, extend your plan to go beyond the first sale to repeat business.

Imagine the difference it could make to your business if you approached every sale:

  • Equipped to handle objections,
  • Prepared to receive the sale and
  • With a selling plan in place that you could simply follow!

It would be less stress for you, as the back end work is already done, and less stress for your prospect as the sale is made easier.

Try these tips and let me know how it goes. And please share any “faster sales” tips that are currently working for you!


Oma Edoja

Oma Edoja is an author, speaker and Women's Business Growth Mentor who is passionate about empowering women! She is the UK's go-to-gal for ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to get more clients, make more money and make a bigger impact on the people they serve. Oma is the author of "The Essential Get Clients Guide: 14 Reasons Women Business Owners Struggle to Get Clients and How to Avoid Them." She invites you to download your FREE copy here. Find out more from Oma's client testimonials here.

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