3 Business Insights Google Analytics Can Teach You

Do you have Google Analytics set up on your website? If so, you know there is a LOT of data it can accumulate for your website.

But what does it really mean for your actual business?

(Don’t have Google Analytics installed yet? Go do that first. Check out my mini tutorial)

1. Where in the world are your prospects and customers?

Ever wonder what your geographic footprint is for your business? Google Analytics can tell you exactly how far you reach. When logged in, head to Standard Reporting – Audience – Demographics – Location.

You’ll see a map that looks a lot like this:


You can view a lot of detail here – from as high up as continents to as specific as city detail.

What does this mean for your business? It can tell you a lot. Do you need international shipping? Do you have a large enough following to consider doing local events? Is your local following enough for your business – do you need to target your marketing efforts there? And much more.

2. Do you need to develop a mobile site for your business?

We all hear the stats about mobile being on the rise – but does it hold true for your business? Google Analytics can help. Simply head to Standard Reporting – Audience – Technology – Mobile.

You’ll get a chart like this:


You can see exactly what percentage of your visitors are coming from a mobile platform and how engaged they are compared to non-mobile visitors.

What does this mean for your business? If you have a significant number of mobile visitors but they’re leaving your site at an alarming rate (very high bounce rate), you might want to check out how your site performs on mobile and whether you need to make an adjustment. If it’s not a significant percentage, it can be a lower priority.

3. What marketing efforts are actually working for your business?

This is one of my favorite insights. Google Analytics can actually tell you what traffic is actually sending you engaged visitors, prospects and customers. Simply head to Standard Reporting – Traffic Sources – Sources – All Traffic.

You’ll get a chart that looks a lot like this:


You can see exactly what sites are sending you traffic – whether that’s search engine traffic, social media traffic, or traffic from sites you’ve partnered with or written for.

If you want to see which traffic is converting into prospects or customers for you, you’ll have to set up goals first – find out how to set up goals in google analytics

What does this mean for your business? It means you can finally stop wasting time on efforts that aren’t working for your business! If you’ve purchased an online advertising spot on a big website for 3 months and it doesn’t send you a lick of traffic, you can decide with confidence not to renew it. Or you’ll find efforts that ARE working for your business and you’ll know to reinvest or do more with that partner.

What About You?

Do you have Google Analytics set up for your site? Ever use it to learn something about your business? Did you find this article helpful? Let me know in the comments!






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