Your Facebook Page is Blah! 5 Content Ideas To Get It Zinging

So you’ve set up a Facebook business page because you’ve heard that it’s a brilliant way to raise the profile of your business. After all, with over 1 billion regular users it’s a no brainer, right?

But you’ve hit a snag…

Where IS everyone??

If your page is more like an empty waiting room than the lively, fun soiree you expected it to be, you’re not alone. For your Facebook Page to take flight, you need some pre-planning, a pinch of patience and a little elbow grease.

So you’re at the crossroads with a decision to make…


1. Leave your page languishing in no man’s land (or give up completely). In other words: miss out on the a-MAZing opportunities of building long-term relationships with your customers and prospects, additional visibility in Google search (yes, Facebook Pages are indexed by Google) and the potential of reaching a huge audience.


2. Start thinking creatively and posting content that entertains, interests and gets people talking. Start attracting a community who love what you do, happily tell others about you, and a Page that converts those fans into warm leads and opportunities for your business. Yippee!

If you chose option 2, keep reading because I’m going to share some of my tried and tested methods that are HOT on Facebook right now.

But, first you need to know this simple truth:

It’s not enough to ‘have a Facebook Page’!

If you don’t give people a reason to visit your Page and stick around in the first place it will remain in its lonely little corner of Facebook (remember that empty waiting room? Brrrr….)

And, if you’re not posting regular, inviting updates that show up in people’s newsfeeds you won’t get ANY results from your Facebook marketing.

Do you understand why people use Facebook..?

Mostly, people hang on Facebook during their down time. They’re catching up during a lunch break or while enjoying a well deserved glass of wine after dinner. Maybe they’re putting off that ‘must do’ task for just a liiiittle peek inside, or they’re grabbing 2 minutes during the ad breaks on TV.

This means we have a short window of time to catch their attention from stiff competition like baby pictures, silly cat videos, hilarious jokes and updates from friends or family.

So it’s important to remember this each time you post: ‘What’s In It For Them?’

Ask yourself, is your update:

  • Entertaining
  • Enlightening or inspiring
  • Useful or educational?
  • Showing interest and inviting conversation?

If your update does one (or all) of these things, then you’re winning. If not, think on it some more with some of these ideas to get your content zinging!

1. Top Tips And Free Resources
You know all of that fabulous knowledge, skill and creativity you have that comes naturally to you? It’s this that your customers come to you for. You have an expertise. They come to you because you know your stuff inside out and they don’t.

Start sharing your know-how to build trust and get your business in everyone’s little black book. Invite them to sign up for your free guide, book chapter or e-course. Post hints about your latest project before a big reveal – this is a favourite way to engage Facebook fans, and leads me nicely to…

2. Sneak A Peek Behind The Curtain
Human beings are super inquisitive. We LOVE to know what goes on behind the scenes. Whether it’s a fly-on-the-wall documentary on TV, what really goes in to creating an incredible piece of art or getting to know how people spend their day (isn’t that why Facebook is sooooo successful anyway?)

Post pictures and updates of your day-to-day so we can understand you, your team and your business better. You might think your day is boring but I bet others won’t.

3. Easy Peasy Questions
Do you know the best way to find out what your customers think?

Ask them!

They will tell you if they like your next project, book cover, recipe or business card. Ask the right questions and they’ll tell you what they want from you. Including them in the decision and planning process of your latest project builds trust (and ultimately helps you provide a service or product that your customers want).

Keep your questions simple and remember to throw in some conversational ones too. Ask them what they’re doing at the weekend, what book they’re reading, if ‘this’ version of your card design is better than ‘that’ version.

The easier the question and the less people need to think the more they will get involved.

4. Did you hear the one about..?
Everyone likes to be inspired, laugh at a good joke or groan at a bad one. Facebook users LOVE easy to digest tidbits and these will get them hitting the ‘like’ button every time.

A big trend on Facebook right now is visual marketing. Share visual quotes and fun images that pop out in the News Feed among the LOL cat videos and baby shots. They are super sharable (and surprisingly easy to create). Try to make your own for free.

5. Yes to Video!
Talking of visual marketing – video can’t be ignored these days and there are plenty of easy ways to include video in your Facebook content marketing plan.

Try recording a video tip of you and your team giving us a useful take-away. Got a daily special? Invite us to try it. (Facebook makes it easy to record a video on the fly and upload it straight to your page). Or, post something you’ve found on YouTube that inspires. Maybe it’s a favourite tune from your work playlist, a funny video that had your team in stitches, or something more on message.

Remember, it doesn’t always have to be about your business or super slick and professional. Inject some spontaneous fun and show us what you enjoy, so we can enjoy it along with you.

Remember, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Ask your fans to share your latest video, to ‘like’ if they agree with your quote, or comment on your new business idea. There is SO much happening on Facebook to distract people’s attention. If you don’t give people a simple instruction to do something, they will be on to the next update without a second thought.

Now, over to you…

Which of these ideas take your fancy or have you had success with? Let us know in the comments below.

Alicia Cowan

Alicia Cowan is a social media strategist, consultant and trainer for small businesses with entrepreneurial spirit, and creator of Twitter Brilliance the online Twitter marketing training school.

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