5 Simple Tips to Ensure You’ve Always Got Time for your Marketing

Tick-tock, tick-tock!

Have you ever found yourself saying that you’ll get round to doing some Marketing ‘when you have more time’? That you’ve just got too much else on your plate at the moment, what with serving your current clients, and juggling all your other business obligations.

Most people think that Marketing is something to be squeezed around your other business activities, and relegate it to the bottom of the pile – something to be done as an afterthought once everything else has been dealt with.

This is a big mistake, because until you DO make time to prioritize your marketing you’ll never have the systems and strategies in place to consistently attract your ideal clients, which means that your business growth will be erratic and patchy, which is a very stressful way to try and develop your business.

Today I’ll be sharing with you FIVE steps to enable you to finally be able to prioritize your marketing, whilst still having time for the other parts of your business and life!


Step One: Get Your Mindset Straight

Your external actions are generally based on your internal values and beliefs. So I want to suggest a way of being able to see your marketing in a different light, which will in turn allow you to re-prioritize your actions.

Here it is : You are actually in TWO businesses. You are in the business of Marketing your services and programs, and you are in the business of Delivering your services and programs. You cannot be successful at the delivery, unless you are also successful at the Marketing – because it will be the marketing which gets you the clients to deliver your service to.

Marketing to attract more clients is not a ‘Nice To’ it’s a ‘Must Do’!

Once you accept that fact, you’ll no longer treat marketing as an optional extra.


Step Two : Plug the Leaks in Your Day

Get rid of the time drains in your day. Just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean you should take your business any less seriously than if you were going to work for a boss in a corporate company.

Monitor what you actually DO during your allotted working hours, and cut out anything which isn’t directly related to either marketing your services, or delivering your services.

All the other stuff can be done either before or after those hours (or during your allotted coffee/lunch breaks)

That means no more chatting to friends on the phone, buying your Christmas gifts online, arranging the PTA schedule, and vacuuming!! (after all, you wouldn’t do that in a corporate setting would you?)

Set your boundaries, and be crystal clear on what’s work time, and what’s non-work time.

Prioritize your business tasks for the week ahead, and make sure that you have blocked out time for marketing and client attracting actions.


Step Three : Take Control of Your Time

Streamline your actions. The term multi-tasking should be banned when it comes to growing your business! If you flit from one task to another in a random way, you never fully get into the flow of any one thing, so you are constantly under-performing.

Instead, chunk your time for certain tasks, and then schedule them into your monthly planner.

You could have all your client appointments in the morning only, or 3 days a week only.

You could block out 3 hours per day for your marketing activities, or cluster it for two days per week.

You could allocate one day per month for shooting all your videos for your blog.

You could build in one day a month as a Business Growth Focus Day where you go out of your normal everyday workspace to strategize on your business.

(Note – remember to also block out time off from your business. Yes, growing a business takes committed effort, but it you’re frazzled and burnt out from never taking time off you’ll be doing yourself, your business and your clients a disservice!)


Step Four : Create an Actionable Marketing Plan

Develop a step by step Marketing Plan. As you start to set aside this time for doing your marketing you’ll want to make sure that what you’re doing has the best impact possible. Unfortunately just having a random selection of marketing activities will not serve you well.

Take some time to create a joined-up marketing plan so that each strategy fits with your other ones, and builds up into a System, so that at any given time you know exactly what you should be doing, and when to do it.

You’re looking to incorporate online and offline strategies which will work for you 24/7, and connect with your ideal target audience in the way that appeals to them.

Additionally, you have to realise that marketing is not usually something which has overnight results – many marketing strategies are things which, when done regularly and consistently, will gather momentum over time. So have a little patience, track and tweak as you go, and stick with it!


Step Five : Don’t be a Lone-Ranger

Get help as quickly as you can. In order to create a sustainable business you need to realize that you can’t do everything by yourself.

Once you figure out your marketing plan, look at which tasks can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant (VA). You can access a VA from anywhere in the world (because they work virtually), and you literally only pay for the time they’re actually working on your tasks. Even if you think you can’t quite afford it yet, just think – if you can gain an extra 5-10 hours a month by giving them some of the admin type tasks to do, and then you use those hours to connect and work with some new paying clients, your VA investment will quickly pay for itself and then some.

Find a coach or mentor who can help guide your marketing and business growth. Often in your own business you are too close, and you can’t see the wood for the trees. A mentor will help you see more clearly what steps need to be taken, will ask the questions which you may not necessarily be comfortable with asking yourself (which allows you to get firm, and treat your business as a business), and will hold you accountable – and trust me, when you know you have to report back, you WILL get things done much quicker!


About the Author: Tanya Smith is known as the Marketing and Mindset Mentor. She helps Service Business Professionals such as coaches, consultants, trainers and service business owners to consistently attract more ideal clients and bigger profits by using joined-up marketing strategies which work, and how to use leverage to reach more clients and make more sales without burning out. Tanya is known for simplifying the complicated, and guiding her clients in a step-by-step approach.

You can check out her FREE resources at www.InnerGameProfits.com/free-stuff starting with the ‘Get More Clients Marketing Plan’ full of usable strategies and fill in the blank templates to apply in your business today.

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