7 Personal Branding Tips for Network Marketers

Network Marketing is a business model that is based on relationships. Prospects and potential customers will be more apt to buy from you or join your MLM team when they feel they like and trust you.

From a MLM business building perspective this is very important. As such, when you are focused on doing network marketing online, establishing relationships with prospects is equally important.

Creating a strong and positive personal brand will go far in attracting people to you and your business.

1. What do you want your potential business partners or customers to know about you?

What makes you different from all the rest of the distributors in your company? Think about this and then think also how you want to get this message across to them.

2. Time to get a domain name.

There are many places on the Internet where you can buy a domain name and they aren’t expensive. You may want to simply have your name as the URL address but again, you may want to be more creative. Does some keyword research so you will have on hand those most searched for terms regarding your business model or the company you are associated with.

3. Find a really nice photo of yourself.

If you have a professional one, that’s great but isn’t necessary. What is necessary is that the photo makes you look like someone others want to do business with. Using one that you might think is cute but unprofessional may do you more harm than good. Remember, you want to attract business partners and customers to you, not drive them away. If you look like you don’t care what image you are providing, it will be a big turn-off.

4. Locate some graphics you can use on your blog or website.

You might want to get some of the products you sell, or you may want photos of things that might be the ‘WHY’ your prospect might want to join you. Keep in mind that just about every network marketer using the internet uses graphics of cars, homes, jewellery, and travel destinations to lure the prospect. You don’t necessarily want to be like every other Tom, Dick and Harry in the MLM business. What other things are big ‘WHYs’ of your prospects. Consider using graphics that will touch the heart and motivate them to connect with you.

5. Add value-based content to your blog or website.

This means providing information that your visitor will find useful whether or not they buy from you or join your MLM team. This will add to the level of trust visitors have for you. Use appropriate keywords in your content for SEO and generating traffic from the search engines.

6. Keep your business in mind.

Although you are working on creating your own personal brand while promoting your network marketing business, you also represent your company. Make sure you comply with their policies when working online to promote your MLM business. Also, this is where you want to build the credibility of your company and their products. Again, this is part of building trust.

7. Create a blog or website.

Blogs are easier to manage and less expensive but it needs to look professional so take care and if necessary, pay someone to help if you don’t have the skills or the time.

These personal branding tips will help you begin the process of creating your own unique personal brand. Your brand is more than a logo or cool site. It is what it represents which leads to the perception others have of you and your business. Make it well worth your prospect’s visit to your site!

About the author: Deb Marsden is an experienced Internet training customer support manager.
Deb and her good friend and equally experienced customer support gal, Lee Ann, have joined forces and offer their services to computer newbies and not so newbies, solve issues they may have in learning how to use their computer.Also, for those Internet entrepreneurs who want help with their personal branding…this team has lots to offer.  Too much to do and too little time? OutMouseit! and let this dynamic duo work their magic with your personal online branding and more.

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