7 Steps to manifest the business resources you need

“So what’s holding you back?” I asked.

There was a cold silence on the other end of the line. Eventually a sigh, and a resigned voice spoke: “Well, it all comes down to a lack of money. If I had more money I would invest in advertising. I could buy that course that will teach me how to monetize Face book, and if I had more money coming in I would feel more confident, and so I think I would attract clients better than I’m doing right now.”

This was a conversation with one prospective client… but it could easily have been with any number of my blog or book readers.

You see, the biggest dilemma most forward thinking ladies in business have is how to get the money to invest in the things that will help them grow their business (like a coach!). It becomes a catch 22 situation… without the money they don’t think they can invest, but until they invest how can they get the expertise they need in their business.

Those who aren’t sure they are ready to make that step up to the next level in their business then rationalise in their heads saying “I’ll invest in sorting out my business/money when I have some cash”, which is like saying “I’ll go see a doctor when I’m better!”

If this sounds even vaguely familiar keep reading because this is exactly the problem that you can eliminate from your psyche… forever.

How to Acquire the Resources You Need

1. It’s not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness

What does that mean? It means that it’s not about the components you already have. It’s about how you can USE what you have to create what you want. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. It’s just that the likes of Peter Jones and Warren Buffett USE those resources very differently.  We’ll expand on this shortly.

2. Define which resources you need to find, attract or create before you can create them…

Don’t worry that you don’t have the money, or the time, or that you can’t see a way round it yet. Just open up and put some serious focus into what it is you want. Imagine you have a “realistic magic wand”, and make a list of all the things you need for your business for the next 12 months.

3. Take the Money issue off the table

Most people have blocks around creating money out of nothing. For the sake of this exercise, bypass the money blocks completely. Instead, focus on the actual things you need (i.e. the things that the money could buy): information, training, advertising, book-keeping, Facebook help.

4. Now back to the resourcefulness point

Thinking creatively, how else could you acquire these things?

  • Information (books and podcasts costs very little!)
  • Training (sometimes its available for free, or not very much)
  • Advertising (get savvy with your PR and marketing!)
  • Book keeping – look at doing a skill swap with someone who loves book-keeping or administration.
  • Facebook help/ monitoring – teenage relatives and concert tickets… ethically bribe them to help you!)

Success is not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness

5. Once you’re clear on what you want

And you’re open-minded about ways in which these things can come to you – hold the outcome in your mind simply as an “intention”.

Let’s say a few words about what this means. Holding an intention is easy. When you have an intention to go and make a cup of tea, you just get up from your desk and go and make one.

It’s not a big deal.

This is the same thing, and you’ve done this before to great success.

How often have you thought – ooh, I really need to speak to so and so, and all of a sudden you bump into them at an event, or even they call you up!

Every woman has the innate ability to create what she wants; all you’re doing here is doing it consciously and in a business context. Don’t over-think HOW you’re going to go make a cup of tea. Just decide and then do it.

6. Remain open to allowing it to come from the strangest of connections

I thought it would be good to create a few new websites, to test some product shopping cart promotional methods.

That evening I bumped into someone who wanted a website built for his hand-made products, but couldn’t afford to pay the full going rate.

In one conversation we came to an agreement, and I get my test case which pays for itself, he gets a fantastic website that does everything he wants. That’s another intention fulfilled.

7. See the outcome in your mind’s eye clearly

Be careful not to visualise what you don’t want. Just focus on the good stuff. I read somewhere there is some research that suggests that if you can hold an intention for more than 6 seconds then it increases the chance of it manifesting.

Put your focus and energy into the What not the How. The How just happens, and becomes clear on its own. Your job is the What… Decide what it is you want to create, to have happen, to manifest. See it, define it, know it in detail, and adopt the same attitude as if you were making a cup of tea.

And what you’ll notice, is a huge pressure lifts when you just make the decision to stop trying to figure out the process.

What to do right now to Rock Your Revenue

List what you need in order to step your business up to the next level this coming year.

Spend a few minutes on each one visualising what that looks like.

*Sit back and allow it to happen. Remember, WHAT not HOW.

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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