Delegate: A Small Business Owner Doesn’t Have to Do It All

The majority of small business owners tend to be running the entire company themselves – whether they have employees or not.

Why would you choose to run the show yourself? The common excuses include:

–  Not having the time to train someone on the business process
–  Not having enough time to explain duties to someone else
–  Believing they are the only person that can do the job right
–  A fear of losing control of the business

Though many small business owners use these as their justification for not delegating work, these are also the business owners that become frustrated, exhausted and disillusioned with their business – eventually leading to a premature closure.

Why Delegate?

The biggest reason any small business owner should delegate is to relieve themselves of the pressure and exhaustion of running a business alone. Most owners that delegate tasks want to:

– Have more free time
– Work less hours
– Spend time with family and friends
– Free up time to focus on different aspects of growing the business

Delegating, when done properly, can provide relief in all four of these areas.

Set up systems so other people can do it!

Relinquishing control might not be ideal, but the bottom line is that other people are capable of helping you run the business and in order to do that, delegation must be used. Delegating, however, does not happen overnight. As the business owner, you need to create a training program and a reporting procedure for those who will be handling the day-to-day business tasks. This can cost time and money, but in order to grow your business, you have to outsource some of the tasks.

How to plan delegation

Delegation should not be taken lightly. Instead, it should be a focused and structured procedure. Many small business owners find the use of a professional advisor to help set up delegation programs worth the cost, while others want to create their own delegation plan.

Four key steps to creating an effective delegation plan:

  1.  Identify the overall goal of delegating work – specifically the task or role that the person will be relieving you of (such as accounting, customer service calls or labour).
  2. Create a detailed step-by-step guide that will serve as a training manual and teaching reference for how that delegated role should be performed. This step-by-step guide should include possible questions that will arise as well as answers.
  3. Determine how long the delegated task would take the average person. You are the small business owner; therefore, do not focus on how long it would take you, but rather a person unfamiliar with the task instead. This will ensure that the delegated individual is completing the task within an achievable but acceptable timeframe.
  4. Create a quality control and monitoring program that includes making sure delegated tasks are done correctly and on time, such as using time sheets or work reports. Create a reporting system so that the delegated individual knows who to report to and how often for progress on their task.

Remember that delegating a task in small business does not mean telling someone to “do this” and walk away. Delegating is a structured process that ultimately will free up time for yourself as the business owner, allowing you to implement your strategic goals to increase sales, improve profit, grow your business and create wealth faster and with less stress than doing it all yourself.

About the author

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