About Women Unlimited

Who we are

Women Unlimited is a place where you can come and be yourself, where you can celebrate being a woman and step into your leadership.

On this site, we are exploring what it is to be a woman and a female leader in 2018 and beyond.

How do be both strong and feminine.  The realities of life.  What it takes to grow.

We will be exploring how to create the change we want to see and how we influence this world that we live in and make change happen.

If you feel called to be a part of the solution, to be a part of creating the world and the future you want to see happen, then this site will provide you with support, ideas and encouragement.

We do this by celebrating women; by not accepting the status quo; by challenging what we see and deciding that we will not stay silent any more.

At Women Unlimited commit to providing a place that helps you on that journey.  By talking about it.  By connecting with each other.  By learning from each other.

By taking a stand and saying we want more, we will not settle.

By holding onto our power and saying it’s ok to be female, feminine, bossy, a leader, a challenger, while acknowledging that we are often also emotional, loving, empathetic and spiritual.

We believe there is a way to be all these things.  There is a place for feminine values and beliefs in business and in the world.

Sometimes change happens quickly and sometimes slowly and right now there is a shift happening where women are saying enough is enough.

We have the privilege of being born at a time of great transition and women are moving out of the shadows and taking control of their lives and their futures.

As women, we are no longer at the mercy of men and society.   We are taking charge of our destiny.  At times it may feel like we are not winning but when we look back in history and consider how far we have come, even in the last 50 years, it is quite remarkable.

Change takes time, but the shifts are happening quick and fast.  Join us at the forefront of this movement.  Be part of the change.

We are stronger together.

Founder: Julie Hall

Women Unlimited was founded by Julie Hall in 2008 as a place to support female entrepreneurs.  Women Unlimited has now developed into a site that supports women from all backgrounds who are ready to find their voice and create the change that they want to see.

Julie won a prestigious Stevie Award in 2012 for her work supporting women and is passionate about helping women on their journey to discovering their path and fulfilling their potential.

She is a business & mindset mentor, digital marketing specialist and trainer and women’s champion.

Find out more about Julie here.