Write for Women Unlimited

Women Unlimited is all about female leadership, entrepreneurship and growth.

Our site is all about business, leadership and entrepreneurship. If you are interested in writing about those topics, then please get in touch, but make sure you have read the notes below.  If your ideas don’t fit into our categories, we won’t include them on the site.

We also have strict rules about self promotion and links to other sites.  As a writer, you will get a link to your website in the author bio, but that is it I’m afraid.

We do not accept sponsored posts… This is because most of that content is not relevant to our audience and we want to make sure that we are only sharing posts that are useful and interesting.

Expect your post to be edited.  We have high standards and will edit the post for grammar and sometimes for content.  If your article doesn’t meet our quality criteria, is too self-indulgent or there are too many edits, we may reject your article.

Please submit a link to your LinkedIn profile. No LinkedIn profile and we won’t respond I’m afraid. We like to find out more about our writers before accepting them.

Why you might want to write for us

Women Unlimited is a well-established website with hundreds of articles.  This means that we get lots of recognition from Google for our content because it is updated regularly.

We also have a thriving community and email list of women who are interested in improving their lives and the best articles will be sent out to them via email.  This gives you great profile.

We have pretty high standards, but we are always looking for new and interesting articles and stories from great writers.

Please take a few moments to read below before sending us your details.

Our Philosophy

We encourage our audience to create a life that feels good to them.  To tap into their intuition and to choose their own path.  To be rule breakers and challenge the status quo.  We want to share role models for success from all walks of life, and women and stories that inspire us and challenge us.   We live in a world that desperately needs a new paradigm and we believe that by empowering women and bringing more female leadership to the fore, we can affect the change we want to see.

This website is a wholly positive space for women who are ready to take charge, stand up and follow their own path.

We are interested in articles that share content about business, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development.

Our Audience

Our core audience are women who are looking for inspiration, for ideas, for support, for leadership tips.  Women who want to create change.  Women who want to step into their leadership.

They are often leaders from the third sector, corporates or run their own business or they are women who want to create something new or challenge the status quo.

The types of articles we are looking for are:

Stories about changemakers and leaders… if you are interested in being featured OR want to write a story about someone that you think will inspire others, please click here.

Inspirational articles that build confidence and ideas that we can use to be more successful.

Articles about how to influence, start something new, leadership, have more impact, creating change, career growth, female leadership and overcoming challenges.

Articles that encourage us to be more than we are the moment, to help us overcome our demons and inspire us with new ideas and insights.

Articles about business success, business strategies and business tools.

Some tips for writing for us

  1. Your article should be full of practical, credible advice or tips that women can easily implement at work or in business; or it should be inspiring/motivating and aimed at helping our community become more personally effective. The body of the article should not be about marketing your product or service. However, we do allow a link to your business within your author/bio box below the article.
  2. Please tailor your post to our audience – this means you should read some of the other posts and understand the type of content we are looking for.
  3. The article should be positive – there are lots of great organisations that support female causes.  We have chosen that Women Unlimited will be a positive space that celebrates women and our successes.
  4. Please include an author bio and photo (optional) for us to include at the end with information about you and any of your social media/web links.
  5. Articles should be 800-1500 (850 is perfect) words in length, although articles can be longer if the post is very valuable or is structured as a series.
  6. We love ‘how to’ articles, opinion pieces and  inspirational articles. Every article should inspire or educate our audience.
  7. Articles must be exclusive to Women Unlimited i.e. they should not be posted elsewhere, even on your own blog.
  8. Final editorial control rests with us and it’s likely we will edit your article and/or headline. We may also reject it, if it’s not appropriate or doesn’t fit our editorial policy.

Please note:

  1. We don’t accept guest posts from content writers working for content generating organisations or agencies.
  2. We don’t accept sponsored posts.  But we are interested in partnering with relevant brands.  If this sounds like it would be of interest please contact us on partnerships@women-unlimited.co.uk

How to send your article

We don’t really have time to review ideas – so we will only review fully written pieces.  This allows us to easily determine whether your article is the right fit for us.

We promise to review your article within 10 days and let you know if we feel it is a good fit or not and when you might expect to see it published.

Please let us know as well if you would be interested in being a regular contributor.

You can email your completed article to editor@women-unlimited.co.uk

If you are successful, or we wish to see a revised version of an idea, we will contact you within 10 days of receiving your email.

Please don’t keep emailing asking if we have received your article before the 10 days are up, this will not speed up the process.

Thank you so much for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you!