How to advertise your business on a low budget

When starting a business it is difficult to put aside an amount for marketing and it’s hard to justify how much should be spent.

When I started my business in 2008 I spent a couple of thousand in marketing within the first 6 months but was surprised to find that I didn’t get many results from it. Here are my top 5 tips for advertising on a low budget.

1. network

Networking is free and many businesses are becoming more involved. Networking is a great way to work with like minded businesses on a like for like basis. Shortly, after setting up my own company, I set up another company with my business partner called Networking Mummies Dorset ( and we now have over 700 businesses involved across 3 Franchised areas. We share knowledge, advice and advertising and I now use this as my main stream for advertising my own business.

2. press release

If you have a newsworthy piece of information that’s happening in your business then write a Press Release. Press Releases are a great way to showcase some exciting information you may have with the Media. Make a list of local newspapers, radio stations and magazines within your sector and email them. Always write the Press Release in the body of the email as well as attaching it as a document.

3. reciprocal links

Research businesses on the internet that are in the same sector as you and email them to ask if they would like to do a ‘reciprocal’ link. This means you add a link to your website with their information and vice versa. This is a good way to try and increase traffic to your website.

4. facebook

Facebook was originally launched as a social media portal for friends to stay in touch but has since been notified as a great way to advertise your business. Set up a fan page and invite all your friends. Hopefully, they will then request their friends to join and so on.

5. blog

Blogging is a great way to keep your customers updated with news, offers and more. You don’t have to be a great writer to write a blog and this can be kept simple. Linking with other companies will help your engine search results too. Try for more information.

About the Author:
Laura Morris

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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