Are you missing out on sales by not using the AIDA model?

Advertising copywriters use a powerful tool called the AIDA model. The AIDA model stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action and if you want to get newsletter sign ups, blog readers or sale’s you’ll want to use it.

Grabbing your reader’s Attention

To impact your readers, your writing must first get their attention. The best way to do this is with a hard-hitting headline or lead paragraph that hits the nail directly on the head or you can begin with a captivating question. For example:

“Are you using these 3 techniques to increase your newsletter sign up by 10%, 20% or even 30%?”

Your reader is almost always thinking: “What’s in it for me?” “Why should I invest my time in reading on?” If you let her know this in the headline, she’ll keep reading and that’s half the battle won.

Capture your reader’s Interest

Once you have her interest, you have to reinforce why she needs your product or service. One of the best ways to do this is to show your reader that you understand her problem.

  • What is frustrating her in her work / home life?
  • What keeps her awake worrying at night?
  • What is it that she would like to improve / make disappear?

If your customer thinks you genuinely understand her problem, she will be more receptive to the solution you suggest to her.

Create Desire

Now you need to create some mouth-watering desire for your product by making it clear to your customer how your product or service will alleviate her pain.

The key to convincing copy here is to paint a vivid and specific picture of what results your customer can expect. We are less likely to believe generalizations that “you’re life will be better and you will feel happier.” Show her how, for example:

“Our easy to use accounting software means that after taking 5 minutes to install, all of your invoices and accounting records are generated at the click of a button. No more manual admin and no more headaches at the end of the tax year!”

Compel them to take Action

The biggest mistake people make when writing sales copy is not telling your customer exactly what to do next.

Do you want them to sign up to your newsletter, download your free report or take the introductory trial of your product?

Be direct and explicit; tell her what number to call, how to send you an email and ideally you should encourage her to do so with urgency. You’ve worked hard so far. You’ve gotten her attention, hooked her interest, and created desire. Don’t presume that your reader knows what to do next.

About the Author: Amy Harrison runs Harrisonamy Copywriting. She loves helping passionate business owners communicate their vision to their customers. For more copywriting tips and techniques, Subscribe to her blog or follow her on twitter: @littleunred.

Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison is a copywriter for entrepreneurs. In addition to writing for her clients, she also coaches business owners to smash up their sales copy obstacles and get their offers out there. She is the also the author of How To Get Your Sales Page DONE!

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