Being the best: 5 character traits for successful entrepreneurs

You’ve made the decision that you are tired of working for someone else. You want to run the show and reap the rewards for yourself. Ever since the credit crisis a vast majority of us were left feeling disheartened.  Such a large group of extremely wealthy people and organizations were left completely unaccountable for a financial downfall that was felt globally. All the while the consumers (you and I) were left to pick up the pieces and pay the hefty price. I have found that some people are unable to even discuss this topic without feeling a rage that makes their blood boil and the veins on their forehead pop out!

Like millions of us worldwide, I was affected by this crisis through the loss of my job. I had just made an offer on my house days before my boss made the announcement that yet another massive lay-off was in the works. This time, our entire building was shut down. I was incredibly disappointed to say the least. Not only was I going to have to say goodbye to my co-workers and friends, but I would have to leave a job I really enjoyed and hope that I would find something comparable for equal pay.

Becoming an entrepreneur

It was around this time that I began my search for ‘the perfect job’. I figured if other people are doing it on-line and making money, so can I. While I fell victim to analysis paralysis, I did eventually make it to where I am today.

There were times I wanted to give up. I realized it was a lot of work. Not hard work, just work! And in the beginning there sure isn’t much of a financial reward. There was no one there to light a fire under me and hold me accountable for my actions, or my inaction for that matter. That job falls on me.

Through the process of launching my internet marketing business I have learned that there are about five key character traits among successful entrepreneurs. By ‘successful’ I don’t mean making millions necessarily.

Every individual needs to define what success is to them.

Basically, if you are doing what you want to be doing, are able to provide for yourself or your family, and are meeting the goals that you have set for yourself, then you are successful in my book.

The five most useful character traits for success are:

1. Drive

When you are driven, you are very motivated to succeed no matter what. You are compelled to action and maintain momentum because you can clearly see where you are going. If you are driving your car and you become hungry and see a restaurant up the road, are you going to stop your car before you get there? Of course not! You know what you want and you won’t stop until you reach that restaurant so you can eat and not be hungry any more.

2. Focus

When you are focused, the things that you desire come into clear view. You are able to complete tasks that need to get done without giving in to minor distractions or pitfalls. You concentrate on the goals that you want to achieve so that they remain in focus on a daily basis.

3. Patience

When you are patient you are able to wait for your dreams and goals to manifest, and don’t give up on them just because they don’t happen overnight. A patient entrepreneur is capable of delaying gratification. You understand that things worth having are worth waiting for.

4. Determination

When you are determined you have made the decision that nothing will stand in the way of you and your goals. You keep pressing forward even in the face of adversity. Much like being driven, you are motivated to succeed no matter what. With determination AND drive you become an unstoppable force.

5. Discipline

When you are disciplined you have the strength to get up every day and do the things that need to be done in order for you to achieve your goals. You are able to block out distractions that may seem like a good idea at the time, but ultimately only serve to delay or hinder your growth. Being disciplined can result from a beautiful combination of drive, focus, patience and determination plus the maturity to realize that you, and ONLY you, are accountable for your actions. When this realization is made, discipline is almost second nature.

Look to your future success

What does your financial future look like? Do you have the desire to lock down your security? Are you ready to take charge of your life and career? Whether you are looking to launch an Internet business or already run your own company, remember these five character traits, apply them daily and success can be yours.

Has applying these character traits helped you to become a successful entrepreneur?


Author: Liz C Bradshaw. If you would you like to receive more information on Internet marketing and how you can be successful, download Liz’s free guide here:

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