Celebrating WAGS: Women Accomplishing Giant Steps

My WAGS are not the women who teenagers today would think of, they are Women Accomplishing Giant Step.  Each one of these women has and is excelling in her field.

Jessica Ennis the young Sheffield born athlete is the current World and European heptathlon champion and the World indoor pentathlon champion.

Serena Williams the professional tennis star, who is a former World No1 and currently ranked World No 4 in singles and No 5 in doubles with her sister Venus Williams. The Women’s tennis association has raked her World No 1 in singles on five separate occasions. Serena is considered to be one of the greatest women players of all time

Hope Powell CBE is simply the first lady of football. The former international player was appointed the first full-time coach of the England women’s national team in 1998.

Dame Kelly Holmes is now a retired British middle distance Olympic champion, during Athens Olympics 2004; she won gold medals for both 800 and 1500 metres events to become two-time Olympic champion.

One small step leads to great leaps

One small step leads to great leaps, above are just a hand full of women, who have hit gold time after time.

Inspiration surrounds us in many forms we just have to tap into it. The parallels with situations many of us face in life in are not coincidental.

I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, mind over matter.  We all have an inner chatter box that is quick to pounce.  For some reason it prefers to throw out more negative thoughts, when we hit challenges, than the positive ones.

Overcoming adversity

My top WAGS (Women Accomplishing Giant Steps) clearly listen to more of the positives, which is why they are such a success.

Adversity and injuries have hit hard at one time or another, some have pushed through and become pioneers.  Hope Powell is a great example of this, being the first Black woman to coach a national football team.

All of these amazing women have over come a variety of challenges; however their passion to succeed is greater.

Their flame continues to burn as they rise to the top in the world of sport. This is the same mind set of women in business.

We are all cut from a similar cloth with our creative motivation to be the very best we can be, in our chosen professions. V I C T O R Y is for the taking and there are some steps that you can take today to set you on your path.

Vision, visualizing your goal comes first; you have got to see it, to believe you can make it happen.

Initiate, it’s never to late start to plan the life you choose to live.

Courage, being brave, as the book says “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers.

Tenacity, a huge dose is required & knowing when to use it.

Original, discover your Unique Selling Point (USP) and use it to the maximum.

Ready, to step up, and take on new challenges.

Yes, please bring it on!

Women with a strong sense of “self” are more confident with the choices they make. We can always learn a thing or too from our sporting sisters.

My important rule of thumb … It’s always people first!

About the Author, Karyn Bascombe:  I am a proud mother of 3  young people 21, 17, and 8; they are my daily inspiration. I am a freelance feature writer, and I also create and deliver inspirational programmes in schools for young children. Email:wagsport@yahoo.co.uk

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