Christmas is a coming…

When you work from home, deciding how much time to have off over the Christmas and holiday period can be quite tricky. It may seem like everyone else off at several work parties, while you are chained to the desk. The limited Christmas party schedule can be a challenge for the individual home worker. Because it has the potential to emphasis the lonely side of being based at home, when actually it is a great opportunity to enhance the relationships with your customers, clients, and colleagues.

Go Partying

There are plenty of Christmas events you can and should attend. Take advantage of any networking parties, remember most people do business with people and companies they know and trust. If there are any industry associations regarding your business, attend their Christmas parties. If you are an employee, make sure to attend the company’s event. And of course to celebrate all the successes of the year, you must book in your own company, business party.

Parties’ aside, it is necessary to also look at the practical side of Christmas and how you want to run your business during that time.


Near the start of December you will need to sit down with your diary and plan out a schedule for the holiday period. There are several things to consider such as:

  • How busy is your business during that period?
  • What does the company expect from you?
  • What do you need to accomplish in the next month?
  • Do your customers close their office or have limited staff at Christmas?
  • Is December a slow month?
  • How will you manage childcare during school holidays?
  • Do you have any family commitments?
  • If you are slow in December but pick up in January, do you need to use the time to prepare?
  • How much time off is reasonable?

Creating a schedule can work for both employee and business owner and especially when the children will be off over the Christmas period.


Now that you have pulled together all the important information the first point to mark in your diary are the school holidays and the answer to the childcare issue. Next include the days you will be having off. Share this part of the schedule with your partner, children, in-laws and friends. It will allow everyone to understand when you are working and what days you will be free to take part in the fun of Christmas activities like eating too many mince pies and Christmas shopping.

When you write you holidays in the diary, also include an X over the days off. This will help to prevent you from wander into the office and taking care of any miscellaneous ‘work stuff’. Remember you have set those days aside and if you still worked in an office building would you travel all the way to the office during your holidays?

Probably and hopefully not.

With your holidays in the diary and an understanding of what work needs to happen for the next few weeks, you will be able to set goals and put together a schedule. The schedule will incorporate everything. It can include, when and what you need to complete, what projects are due, what meetings or networking events you need to attend, absolutely every single detail. Putting the effort into planning your time comes back in tenfold with greater productivity.

You can update the schedule through the month when new business arrives and plans change. But it is easier and far more productive to adjust your main plan for the month then to fly by the seat of your pants. Have a restful and happy Christmas.


About the Author: Rachael of Purely Peppermint provides specialist consultancy services in developing and introducing an effective home working environment. She works with individuals and businesses by providing bespoke practical solutions for their home office. Through leadership, training, hands-on and telephone support and advice, Rachael ensures that her clients have the greatest of success in their chosen field. To help achieve that success she instructs on, setting boundaries, dealing with isolation, managing clients, managing your time, finding work/life balance, plus much, much more.

A regular contributor to leading working from home websites and magazines, Rachael was invited to the Home Business Summit at the House of Commons to advise central government on how to improve and support home businesses.

Rachael is focused on her clients achieving productive and effective results. Her continual commitment can be seen through the monthly newsletter, packed full of practical tips and solutions to all your home office troubles. For more information on Purely Peppermint and a chance to sign up to her newsletter please visit

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