Are you dealing with Christmas Stress?

With only 3 weeks left till Christmas, you may be starting to wonder how on earth you’re meant to get everything organised in time for December 25th.  The run up to Christmas can leave you feeling under pressure to provide the perfect festive break for family and friends.  To buy the best presents, cook the best dinner, wish peace and goodwill to everyone that you’ve ever known and fully embrace the party season whilst maintaining an air of gracefulness and calm.  Sometimes that just isn’t possible – unless you’re one of the Stepford Wives of course!

We’re only human and there are only 24 hours in the day and for at least 8 of those we should be asleep and 9 of those at work.

Try using some of the tips below to keep you sane when all those around you might be going a little crazy.

At this time of year, it’s important not to put pressure on yourself.  There are enough people who can do that for you!  When things are starting to feel really hectic, you must take some time out for yourself.  You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you can please yourself.

Learn to say ‘No’.

You know how it goes.  Work asks you to stay late, a friend asks you for a favour and then your family asks you to help them out and before you know it, you feel obligated to help everyone.  It can be difficult to say no, but it’s something that you must do on occasion to allow you to avoid any extra stresses.  When saying no, you can soften the blow by stating what you can do to help them out and then what you can’t.

R ‘n’ R.

It’s important to look after yourself and have some time out.  Some people like to relax in a hot bath with a good book, whereas others find a kick boxing class just as relaxing.  Whatever it is that helps you unwind, make sure that you do it regularly.  If your week gets really busy, make sure that you allow some time in your diary for the things that you enjoy the most.  If you know that you have something stressful to do, schedule time after for you to relax.  You mustn’t forget to reward yourself.


Put things in perspective.  Is it really worth fighting over the last packet of sprouts?  It’s easy to get carried away in the moment and feel that if things don’t go your way, your life will change for the worse.  Thinking this way only increases your levels of stress and makes the situation seem worse than what it actually is.

You start to get more agitated and when you have these thoughts, your body and mind start to react as if you were stressed.  When you start to feel this way, breathe slowly, deeply and think of something that will make you smile.  Why get worked up over things that you can’t control.

At stressful times, such as Christmas it’s important to look after yourself as well as others.  Use these tips whenever you can to ensure that you have an enjoyable festive season rather than a stressful one.

About the Author: Jayne Ashby is a qualified life coach and a member of the Association for Coaching.  After working in marketing for many years she retrained as a life coach with the aim of helping others find the direction and confidence to live their best life.

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