Confidence that Attracts Clients: 6 ways to get your sales swagger going on!

Think of anyone you know who always seems to have clients. No doubt they are confident about their business and inspire confidence in their clients. Here are 6 things you can do to exude client-attractive confidence:

1. Know yourself and your business.

Stay true to your values and those of your business. Keep your overall goals in mind. This way, you come across as sincere and can be happy with your outcomes. To dishonour your values is to build inner conflict and a discordant business environment. To honour them is to create inner and outer harmony, which leaves you feeling confident!

2. Know your products and services in and out

Competence breeds confidence. Be prepared for all possible questions and objections. Fix your price points and be ready to show how the value you provide exceeds the client’s investment. Provide a Frequently Asked Questions page and update this regularly. With all the answers at your finger tips you are bound to feel more confident!

3. Know your target market

What are their pains? What solutions do they seek? When you know what your market wants and are able to provide them a solution, you can be confident in presenting this solution. You are more than “selling,” you are problem-solving!

4. Own the value you bring to the table

Don’t just “know” it, OWN it! Allow others to sample your products and services and survey them for feedback. Collect client testimonials and dwell on the positive feedback you receive. This is confirmation from your clients of the value YOU provide. Charge according to this value and not the hourly rate or overheads. Think in terms of the valuable time you are saving your clients’ businesses, the stress you are relieving them of, and the value of the free time they can now spend with family, friends and interests, while you solve their problems. You are selling solutions, not products or services!

5. Put together a compelling marketing message

This will clearly define who you help, what problems you solve, how you help and why your audience should buy from you. Such a message will help you connect with your audience in a compelling way. Practice delivering this message with confidence and conviction. Then your audience will start to take notice and take action!

6. Model others who present their businesses with confidence and achieve great results

Read about them. Watch them. Meet with them. Ask to be mentored by them. Why not follow a proven track record instead of reinventing the wheel? Find a model or a mentor and let them show you the way!

Follow these steps and become more confident in the way you present your business. When you believe in yourself and the solutions you provide your audience is more inclined to believe in you too. This makes it easier to convert prospects to paying clients. So go ahead now; build your confidence and get your sales swagger going on!

About the author: After failing in several businesses due to lack of clients, Oma Edoja learned what works, built her client-attractive business and now helps women business owners attract regular, ideal clients! She is the creator of the GetClear, GetKnown, GetClients System (TM): 7 easy steps to attracting regular, ideal clients. Through this vehicle Oma shares her wisdom and experience gathered over 20 years and learned from her successful mentors. This way, she is able to help you avoid the mistakes she has made, saving you time, money, and wasted effort!

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Oma Edoja

Oma Edoja is an author, speaker and Women's Business Growth Mentor who is passionate about empowering women! She is the UK's go-to-gal for ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to get more clients, make more money and make a bigger impact on the people they serve. Oma is the author of "The Essential Get Clients Guide: 14 Reasons Women Business Owners Struggle to Get Clients and How to Avoid Them." She invites you to download your FREE copy here. Find out more from Oma's client testimonials here.

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