Create your Future Conference… A day of inspiration, motivation and humour

Last Wednesday, I was so excited to attend the Women Unlimited conference and what a day it was! There were nearly 200 women present and the fabulous host and founder Julie Hall, kept us going with her compassion, inspiration and obvious passion for women as entrepreneurs:)

The hospitality of all the raffle sponsors (Dermalogica, Violet May London, Titfertat Hats, The Bingham Hotel and Well Heeled Divas) was lovely and well done to the ladies that won the raffles. Especially the lady (Marcia Buxton) who won that gorgeous hat, it really suits her!  Julie informed us that £215 was raised and that the money will go to Breast Cancer Care and the Hunger Project, which is marvelous.

The day was about talking to women about our unlimited potential and trying to inspire us to think more positively about how amazing we are and how as I have mentioned in previous blogs, the climate for change and adaptability is going to be a helm that women can navigate much more sustainably, especially in this climate. We just need the self-confidence to do it!

The speakers, Julie Meyer CEO of Ariadne Capital gave us a highlight of how important early mentoring is. Her father encouraged her to believe in herself and to always aim for whatever she wants in business and in life. This was something that really resonated with me as my father was a strong believer in doing anything we set our minds to.  She talked about the interesting differences of what makes a winner in business and how winners focus on their ‘unique contribution,’ ‘build long-term relationships with people (rather than contacts)’ and treat everyone properly! That is just so important, isn’t it?

Avril Carson, of The Happiness project and Success Intelligence, gave an inspiring and passionate speech about the 4 types of intelligence and how to relate this to the concept of ‘more’ and what is really important. The over-riding feeling I came away with from this speech was ‘get clear about what your more is.’

She quoted the late and amazing Anita Roddick, ‘the workplace has to be an incubator for the human spirit.’ This really resonated and seemed to come up again in a later speech.

Pauline Crawford, co-founder of Gender Dynamics talked to us about the differences between men and women and how the yin and yang – the masculinity and femininity of men and women has a role to play in relationships within world politics, media, businesses and all areas of life. I enjoyed her implication that the more adaptable individuals who have the masculine and feminine aspects within their personalities are the ones that most people respond to positively:)

Janette Faherty, CEO of Avanta and Director of Prowess talked about her early career and life and how she fell into what is now a £50m organisation! She was witty, down-to-earth and warmed all of our hearts with her bursts of humour and reality. She talked about the highs and lows of business and those times that we can all relate to such as bursting into tears, when we feel that this is it! She talked about values and leading from the heart essentially, which was so refreshing. Gosh, I was humbled listening to this lady and though I was unable to chat properly with these ladies, they certainly made me think!

Marieme Jamme, one of the sponsors talked about iConscience, the Hunger project and about her incredible work in Senegal where she is supporting the work of Viola Vaughn that encourages education and entrepreneurship to young Senegalese girls. As I have been networking with this lovely lady, it was a real pleasure to hear her speak again. She is truly passionate about helping other’s to make a difference to the world and is a real inspirational champion for women.

The afternoon ended with the humourous comedienne, Samantha Backman. She has been involved in healthcare for nearly 30 years. She is the CEO of The Heart Beat of Wealth Program. She spoke with candor and vigour about living her dream and about the ‘what if’s’ of leaving one’s dreams behind. A constant bone of contention that strikes those of us that are ‘risk takers.’ 🙂 Her ideas about coming from the heart and relating with the heart, rang a familiar tune for me as I had attended the ‘Science of healing’ conference on Sunday and had listened to Rollin McCraty talking about the heart having it’s own nervous system and ‘the physiology of why Anger makes us stupid.’ All very worthwhile and meaningful stuff! In all of this, Samantha’s key was definitely humour and a smile:)

How did I relate this to my world?

Today, I have been reflecting on the real and genuine needs of us all. Our demeanor – our emotional and mental attitude, can determine our posture and how we relate to the environment around us. I was encouraged to hear women talking of walking everyday, trying to get outside in the fresh air. Some ladies asked me questions about what they could try, which was great. The inevitable favourite, drinking more water was at the top of my list, as a hydrated body, makes the body much more pliable and giving:). I did talk to one lady about really listening to her body and her instinct as we all have a general idea of what feels good and what feels less so, but inevitably when we push too much, then the body will eventually collapse!

I came away from this conference with a new lease of life, having met so many wonderful women and realising that without a sense of community, there is no I, us, we, you or them!

Enjoy the lovely day ahead 🙂

“I think the key is for women not to set any limits.”
Martina Navratilova

One of the many great quotes from yesterday’s conference courtesy of Avril Carson:

“Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
Eleanor Roosevelt


About the Author: Liz Chukwu is a  Dance & Movement Specialist. A Dance & Movement Specialist looks at the way a person moves, to understand why they may be experiencing certain physical or mental pain and movement challenges. Imbalances in our physical being, those little quirks of movement that we have acquired over many years of everyday challenging habits are responsible for much of the stress that we feel.  You can read Liz’s blog at

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