Daily chortle… sign bloopers from around the UK


This is a hilarious amalgamation of signs gone wrong from Sarah Turner of Turner Ink.  Have a look and have a chuckle.

Friend and SEO colleague, Rob Dobson, emailed me this pic this afternoon from the Fulham Road, London. Hmmm…nice shop. Poor sign.

But La Maison is in good (bad?) company. Take a look at these corkers that have been sent to the MSN News site recently.

Do not climb sign

Do not cling? Do not climb? Or what the heck. Let’s have both.

Help us reduce crime sign

Yeah, help us reduce crime against the English language.

Oxford Dictionary sign

I wonder if there were enough Ofxord Dictionary’s left to be handed out as leaving presents.

Waitress or waitor sign

We hope you’re fluent in English ‘cos we’re not. Although we make awesome stuffed olives.

Tomato sign

You say tom-ah-to we say to-may-to. Let’s call the whole thing off.

Sue's Snax's sign

My personal fave. Sue’s Snax’s. So wrong. So very wrong.

Ladies powder room sign

I sort of love this sign. I like the fact the loo is referred to as a powder room. And it’s only 5p to have a tiddle. That’s a bargain.

What I especially like is one of the comments left on the MSN News site.

Also, in number 17, the apostrophe is not superfluous, merely in the wrong place as the word “ladies” is a plural, and the toilets are “ladies’ toilets”.

Oh, so it’s merely in the wrong place. That’s ok then.


About the Author:  Sarah Turner is a freelance copywriter, who offers a range of expert copywriting services in London. In fact, throughout the world. Although the meetings are harder to get to.

If you’re looking for a copywriter who can spout superlatives or write words with four syllables you might want to go elsewhere. She’s allergic to business bull, long words and waffle. And she has a particular loathing for the word ‘solution’. Yuk.  You can find out more about Sarah at www.turnerink.com

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