Delivering results with time management

In order to find ways to improve and accomplish more with the time you have, it was important to look at how you are currently spending your time. That was why in the previous article I suggested you create a time diary. Your time diary should have included how long each individual task you do takes (even your tea/lunch breaks and staring off into space).

How has it gone? Did it reveal some interesting information? Were you able to see your strengths and weaknesses straight away? What jumped out as your biggest waste of time, and when are you surprisingly productive?

With your diary to hand we will have a look at a few Success Secrets to improve your self management and allow you to accomplish more.

Set goals

The ability to consistently, all day, every day determine what to do, or not to do, is a major key in correctly using time and increasing your productivity. To be able to make the effective choices necessary you will need to know what your goals are. It doesn’t matter whether your company sets the goals or you are self employed and set your own. You need goals.

Set a time table

With your goals set, have your time diary to hand and create a daily/weekly timetable of all the tasks you need to carry out so that you will be able to accomplish your goals. The time diary comes into its own here, because using the information you have gathered it will inform you on:

• How long tasks take.
• Where you lose the greatest amount of time.
• Your most productive time of the day.
• Your most productive day of the week.
• When your motivation is low.

With this information your schedule will be more accurate. Especially since you will no longer be filling your schedule with an unrealistic amount of tasks and then feel frustrated that you are not accomplishing more. This is a learning process so be flexible with your time table and adaptable as needed.

Set priorities

Ask yourself. “Which one project or task, if done in a timely fashion would have the largest positive effect on your career, business or life?” For me priorities within the subject of working from home and self/time management, is really helpful when dealing with household distraction. It may seem like a good idea to quickly do laundry or cut the grass. But is that task going to have a positive effect? If you do scheduled time for chores, make sure it is a productive use of time and not a tactic to avoid any areas of your job you may not enjoy (it is amazing how sometimes the ironing can look very attractive next to doing the accounts).

It is sometimes viewed that working from home should mirror the office environment. That is not always true; it is the flexibility of having an office in your home that can generate success. But equally you need to have excellent self management, to make sure that, that flexibility doesn’t take over and eliminate the success.

Now it is your opportunity to put your time diary into action. In the next article we will have a look at even more self management secrets. Now go and use your time wisely.


About the Author: Rachael Ross of Purely Peppermint provides specialist consultancy services in developing and introducing an effective home working environment. She works with individuals and businesses by providing bespoke practical solutions for their home office. Through leadership, training, hands-on and telephone support and advice, Rachael ensures that her clients have the greatest of success in their chosen field. To help achieve that success she instructs on, setting boundaries, dealing with isolation, managing clients, managing your time, finding work/life balance, plus much, much more.

A regular contributor to leading working from home websites and magazines, Rachael was invited to the Home Business Summit at the House of Commons to advise central government on how to improve and support home businesses.

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