DIY with these useful local keyword research tools!

Keyword research is a fairly simple but somewhat tedious task that most of us dread. But as it’s more or less a collection of repetitive processes that aren’t actually that taxing on the mind, we can’t complain too much!

And what if we need to find keywords that target a specific location?

Well, here are a handful of useful tools that can make the process a little more automated, and so much simpler!

Google Insights

Ann1Love it or hate it, Google provides lots of great free tools for us. Considering Google has revolutionized search engines and remains the primary source for all searches, we can’t neglect the value it provides. You can use it for both global and local research, making it a crucial tool for everyone.

Google Suggest is another source of keyword data and this tool will help you dig deeper into any local phrase: Google, Bing, Amazon, Youtube Keyword Suggest Tool

Local  Marketing Source

Ann2While it doesn’t actually help you with researching the rankability  of various terms, it does help you come up with new keywords that are locally beneficial, and not just the super basic ones everyone is trying to use. Put in your zip code and the radius you want included in the demographic target, then fill in the rest of the relevant parameters.

5 Minute  Site

Ann3Almost identical to Local Marketing Source, it remains on the list due to a couple of extra features the other tool doesn’t have. You can break up the lines for larger lists so you can easily read the results when stored, which is very useful.


Ann4If you want  something a lot more thorough and professional, you will want to go with  SEMRush. There is a reason this one remains at the top of all recommended  keyword research tools that have a monthly fee. A Pro account will run you $69  if you buy a recurring membership, $79 for a single month. This gets 10,000  results per report, 3,000 reports per day, API access and more. For bigger users you can go with a Guru account for $149 per month, which includes many  more results, reports and added features historical data.

And when it comes to optimizing, don’t forget the quick reference guide here:

Title Tag: Simple Instructions to Find the Best one  from Ann Smarty


Have a tool that belongs on this list? Tell us about it in the comments.

Ann Smarty

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