Do you need a coach, mentor or peer-support group?

It’s a well known fact that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right? Sure it is. When planning any trip to a place to which they’ve never been before the thinking person would use a map, or in some other way get directions.

None of this is necessary if you have your own GPS (Global Positioning System). These little devices such as are made by Garmin, Magellan, AT&T Navigator and several others are devices that have within them much research, information and a system to guide you to your destination as quickly and accurately as possible. One complaint I’ve heard about the systems, however, is that they don’t always give you the most direct route. That, in their defense, is because their programs are designed for the masses and don’t always know the short cuts that someone familiar with the area would know.


We see this in our lives as well. Whether you want to start a business, develop a business plan and a fool-proof system, or make the business you have more profitable, a coach can guide you to your desired results faster than you could get yourself there alone. Having a Business Development Coach is like having a business partner with whom you don’t have split the profits.

Often, once having seen the results a friend or business associate has achieved by using a Life and/or Business Development Coach that person will rush to find a coach without really understanding what a coach can do for them. An experienced coach will be able to see that and proceed accordingly. A Life and/or Business Development Coach does for a client what a sport’s coach does for a client.

be the star

When you’re in the game of your personal or business life you are the star. You are focused on what you’re doing. Just as a sports star must focus on the game and stay in the moment you must do the same. There’s no time to ponder whether that last hit, shot, pass, serve, run or whatever was the right one to have made. The sports coach is on the sideline observing every move and knows what could have saved the day. The coach critiques and helps the star develop both the mindset (actually, particularly the mindset) and techniques of a REAL WINNER, someone who knows and knows that they know. It’s at that point that, that star begins to really shine… and attract those multimillion-dollar contracts.

choose a program to suit you

When choosing, a coach or a coaching program, it’s important to choose wisely. Some of the coaches and coaching programs that we find these days all over the Internet are either the mass production type much like the GPS systems mention above and don’t take the individual’s specific needs into consideration or are coaches who have coaching certificates of which they proudly boast, but with very little experience. The problem is that, that certificate is often a piece of paper “acquired” at a high price in a two-day class over just one weekend.

As a Life and Business Development Coach for over 20 years, I know it’s not possible to learn in two days everything needed to coach someone in either their personal or business life. The point is that before you invest your money in either a Life or Business Development Coach, ask what their experience is, speak one-on-one with the coach and make sure that he or she not only knows enough to help you, but that you have a sense of rapport with your coach.

Stop going around in circles in your personal and/or business life and look into what an experienced coach can do for you.

About the Author: J.Sewell Perkins is a Life and Business Development Coach and an acclaimed Marketing Strategist for well over two decades J.S. works with national and international corporations, corporate leaders, organizations and small business owners interested in taking their companies to the next level. She was recently voted one of the top ten CEO Coaches in the world along with the likes of Anthony Robbins and Wayne Dyer. Additionally she coaches many individuals who are seeking to change their lives for the better and realize their maximum potential.  Find out more at
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