Don’t wait to be discovered, reveal yourself to the world

Most entrepreneurs know there is no “fast track” to success. No magic bullet or ultimate “overnight success” secret. But there’s always that temptation to wonder what it would be like to have Oprah call, or to be featured in a prestigious publication such as the Wall Street Journal, or even just to be mentioned on a website or by a blogger you admire.

Whilst it’s critical to dream and have high hopes you also need to be working hard to make sure that you are “discoverable.”

In fact, rather than waiting for someone else to spot you, you can take steps to reveal yourself to the world, and even build your own stage and be the star of your own show.

Nurture your current audience

If you’re trying to build a profile, it’s very easy to think of the people who don’t’ yet know about you, or about the people who unsubscribe from your newsletter list. Too many people forget their audience or customer once they “have” them and focus solely on trying to attract new people. Instead, focus your thoughts on the people who are listening to you, who enjoy your content, or appreciate what you have to offer. Even if you have a small newsletter list or readership, picture your number in terms of people in one room actively waiting and listening to you. Whether that’s 10, 20, or 500, that’s a lot of people who already love what you have to say. Appreciate them and show that you care by continuing to produce regular and engaging content and if time, answering their enquiries.

Know when to turn off social media and the “blogosphere”

If you want to be discovered, you should ideally have something to talk about that is worthwhile for others to know. Which usually means holing yourself up, or snatching evenings after client work and making yourself write that eBook, putting together that business plan, setting up a sales page or writing some guest posts.

Granted, not as sexy as tweeting and getting good vibes from people through Facebook, but reading too much about other people’s projects whilst neglecting your own is a great cause for overwhelm and distraction. Not only that, but let’s say that overnight all eyes were on you. What would you say? What message would you have? Are you ready to be discovered? Is your message ready or are you hoping to have it all figured out just as soon as people know how brilliant you are?

Create your own stage

Too many people are waiting for an invitation to someone else’s “stage” for their chance to shine. If you have something important to say, stop waiting and create your own event. Wish you could be interviewed by someone famous? Send a request to interview them instead. Wish you were featured in a “top 100 bloggers to watch” post? Put in the work to create your own useful list post and benefit from being the host of the post rather than someone waiting to be picked. And if you really want to get on someone else’s stage, study what other people have done to be picked and see how you can make yourself a more likely candidate for it.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

You might create something that you thought would get you more attention than it did. Don’t give up. Keep going. Read between the lines of any successful entrepreneur’s story and you’ll see a lot of hard work, determination and an unwavering faith to keep going.

Keep creating, keep being passionate and when you can’t spot an opportunity, create your own.

About the Author: Amy Harrison is a Brighton copywriter. In addition to writing for her clients, she also coaches business owners to smash up their content marketing obstacles and get their offers out there. She recently released an eBook called How To Get Your Sales Page DONE! which shows business owners how to write sales copy in an authentic and persuasive way.

Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison is a copywriter for entrepreneurs. In addition to writing for her clients, she also coaches business owners to smash up their sales copy obstacles and get their offers out there. She is the also the author of How To Get Your Sales Page DONE!

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