Do you know your entrepreneur style profile?

At Zukuri UnLtd, we’ve created 6 key Entrepreneur Style Profiles to help you pick clothes that suit your working lifestyle, highlight your ‘style sleeve’ values and resonate with your clients. For this series I’m going to talk through – The People Person, The Traditionalist, The Homeworker and The Creative Hipster

Below are the First 2 entrepreneur style profiles, have a look and take note of the ‘visual conversations’ of each. These can give you cues for your clothing choices, and how you assemble your outfit when you meet your next client.


Operates either at their own practice or home, via Skype, in person or giving talks/workshops – Examples may include coaches, marketing professionals, media and PR consultants.

Signature style needs:

  • To create outfits that are a true reflection of their personality
  • Outfits need to show approachability
  • Source unique USP items to stand out- use of accessories, bags as talking points
  • Co-mingle one-off, or vintage items with high street, charity or designer items
  • Requires foldable flats and kitten heels for travelling about, as well as a sturdy bag for Ipad/laptop
  • Needs ‘grab and go’ outfits for networking and giving presentations or conducting client meetings

pr ladyPR / Agency owner heading off to a brainstorming session

Resolute – The cleanness of the lines and symmetry shows a lady who perhaps doesn’t mince her words. She’s honest and composed

Efficiency – The summer, light colours and tones exude an openness. The colours co-exist nicely, this is a multi-purpose outfit that could be altered with just heels and make-up for that after-hours event

Individual – Her vibrant bag adds spice to her outfit. It lifts the tone, the purple bounces nicely with the blue. It’s not a predictable choice

coachCoach en route

Heritage – The clothes have a multi-layered feel to them, encouraging discourse with her clients. She’s a woman who radiates adventure, stories to tell and a down-to earth approach. Her clients appreciate her diversity and depth

Connection – Her outfits are inviting, you want to connect with her. The fabrics feel approachable, soft – which helps to build rapport

Spirit – The dance of colours opposite each other on the colour spectrum, give this an energetic vibe. Coaching sessions with her would be engaging

Other People Person looks














Operates in a corporate or professional environment. Industries may include Accounting/Finance/Legal/Marketing & PR

Signature style needs:

  • To differentiate yourself but still remain professional – creating wardrobe USPs
  • Signature tailoring in suits and dresses – to find cost effective items that go the distance
  • Key clothing issues – balancing the fine art of tradition and femininity
  • Need to be ‘ready for anything’ – client dinners, entertaining, pitches
  • May have resources to spend on investment items – quality coats, shoes, bags

Lunch in the city

The-Traditionalist-Zukuri-UnLtd1Authority – Gone are the days of the power suit, this outfit commands a respect and authority that isn’t forceful or too brash. It oozes sensibility and directness, similar to the approach she has with clients

Understated elegance  – The masculinity in the trousers is balanced beautifully by the feminine soft curved lines of the jacket. The injection of an unobtrusive print in the trouser takes this look from basic and formal to sublime and sophisticated. Perfect day to night outfit

Sincerity – There is a refreshing feeling to her look, that what you see is what you get with her. No need for frivolity, she is paired back; simple earrings, great juxtaposition of colour, and accessories that are big, clean and visible

Off to Court

Green dressContemporary – This vintage dress is given a modern day twist with choice and shape of handbag. She appreciates old values with new innovation

Dynamic – Prints from the bag and subtle dots from the tights give this outfit an injection of passion and bravado. Dressing to meet corporate clients, can still be fun and full of vigour The-Traditionalist-Zukuri-UnLtd-shoes

Practical – She is a methodical person, the conciseness of the outfit, the uniformity in the colours and sturdy choice of heels, all illustrate a practical quality to her nature. Everything has its place and function

Other looks for The Traditionalist


Over To You

Have a look at the outfit you have put together today. Ask yourself, what does it reflect about you? Does it show your personality? If not why not, what could you change? Also ask a friend, ‘what does my outfit say to you, about me’? And see where the differences are!! Let me know how you get on in the comments below!

And if you would like to learn more please see the bio box below!

* All images provided by Zukuri UnLtd

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