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As I personally work with a lot of businesses on a 1:1 basis, I am always telling them to embrace Social Media and its uses to gain as much as possible for their business; and best of all these portals are FREE to use, so why aren’t we using them?!

Most people are unsure how they work, or what content should be written within and therefore I came up with the following ‘Step by Step’ Guide for Creating a Facebook Page.

Did you know that there are 400 millions active users on Facebook and that includes more than 1 million developers and entrepreneurs. The average user is connected to 60 pages, groups and events which makes Facebook one of the biggest portals for advertising.

it wont cost you a penny

Facebook do have an option of paid advertising but all you need are the free pages. There are two options for free advertising on Facebook. One is a ‘group’ and one is a ‘fan’ page. Personally what I, and a lot of businesses, opt for is a ‘fan’ page as there are more features and it is easier to manage. It is a lot like your own personal profile, which means you can update your status, people can write on your wall and you can add photos and lots of other content.

Step by Step Guide

1. create a page

Firstly, from any fan page if you scroll down to the bottom and on the left hand side you will see a button that says Create a Page for my Business’ click on this. Or if you are not a member of any fan pages, go here:

You will then come to a page that say Create a Page’ at the top. Click on the icon that says local business’ then type in your Page/Business name and address. Check the box to say you agree to the terms and press button ‘Create Official Page’

2. add your content

You have now successfully started a page and can now get started in adding content. Facebook will automatically run you through the first few steps which includes adding an image, adding basic information, updating a status, connecting your page to a mobile device and linking it with Twitter.

You will see tabs at the top where you can easily click between your wall, info etc.

Under information you can add address, opening times, website address etc. You can also add ‘photos’ and create an album which is good for products or picture uploads of any press etc you might have appeared in.

On the left hand side is an option to ‘edit page’ if you need to make any changes once your page is complete

3. start making connections

When you have finished creating your page, it is a good idea to share it with your friends. This then means that hopefully they will share with their friends and you will create a domino effect of people ‘liking’ your page. Another good tip is to try and connect with like minded or other local businesses. You can do a search for businesses using their names under the ‘search’ tab at the top of any Facebook page under the bar.

On the left hand side there’s also an option to ‘suggest to friends’ so you can send the link to your page to your friends.  At the bottom of the page is the ‘Share’ button which means that your page would be posted to your own personal profile – allowing you to share with all of your facebook friends.

4. get a personalised URL

When you have reached 25 followers you can have your own vanity URL. Once you have reached that number go to to set your URL.

5. keep it up to date

It is very easy and manageable and I would recommend that you update your Facebook Fan Page daily if possible. You can update your status or put special offers on etc and it keeps customers up to date with what you are doing. Also adding photo’s of new products is a great idea.

6. feedback

On the left hand side, you will also see a box that say ‘Insights’ this will show you post quality and how many interactions there are each week.

Finally, for this page you will see a ‘like’ button at the top with a thumbs up picture. This means that people can ‘like’ your page and you can ‘like’ other pages too.

7. keep promoting

To promote your Facebook Fan Page to your wider audience on your website you can download and add a ‘Find us on Facebook’ badge. If you click back on ‘edit’ page and you will see what your badge will look like and then you can copy and paste the HTML coding to add in onto your website.

About the Author: Laura Morris is a business owner, networker and a writer, the Founder of and also Co-Founder to For more information on Laura visit her blog and mentoring site at

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