Fifty shades of business success

Wouldn’t it be great if running a business was a black and white affair.

One formula, one manual and everyone would succeed.

Wouldn’t that make it easier?

However, if you’re a go getter and running your own business, juggling a million and one things in your home and social life; it will often feel as if there are fifty shades of grey between the black and the white of that elusive manual.

One of the problems is that when it comes to deciding what things you should be doing on a day-to-day basis, there are umpteen number of things you can do. There are hundreds of decisions to make each month, and with each decision there are hundreds of possibilities which will determine the options you have down the line.

Sometimes when things are moving as quick as a whip, running a business can be incredibly overwhelming, and at the end of each day you may wish you had just a few more hours to catch up with the myriad of things you wanted to achieve.

So how do you determine what you should do?

And how do you assess what is the most effective thing for you to be doing?

Well the truth is you don’t actually have to do everything. In fact, as you’re going to see, it’s far better if you don’t!

What I’m about to show you is how you can immediately cut out seven eighths of the strategies you’re probably dabbling with which are spreading you too thin. No more spending money on courses and training that are never going to give you a return. No more ploughing time and effort into projects that drain you and ultimately come to nothing. When you understand this concept, it will be like waking your inner money genius up and allowing it to go to work on your business.

So let’s get straight to it.

It’s true when we declare, there isn’t one formula to business success…but there isn’t really an unlimited number either.

If you analyse them, there are actually only eight ways to make money. Every strategy you think of is actually one of these eight. And depending on your personality type, you will excel at one of them.

If you’ve always struggled with money, you probably haven’t been using the strategy that works for your personality type. ReTweet This.

The good news is, once you know your personality type – or your Money Genius Type – then you can just do the things that work for your profile, and exclude everything else. Straight away you will find that it is easy to get traction in what you do. Results will pour in. Things will go right, and you will start to remember why it is you got into your business in the first place. You will have more energy available and business will start to flow.

What are these 8 Money Genius Types?

Discover Your Personal Money Genius Type

There are 8 Money Genius profiles – each one has its own personality type and related strategy for making money. This means there are only 8 distinct ways to make money. That’s right, just 8. Everything else you think of is just a variation on one of the 8.

The 8 profiles are as follows:

Creator, artist, ideas person, resourcers: Creators tend to have their head in the clouds and are prone to having too many ideas at once.  Whilst often geniuses, they are terrible at completing and following through on their projects. They need a team to implement their ideas. Great Creator profiles have mastered the art of resourcing, and separating good ideas from lame ones.

Star/ Presenter/ Performer/ Actor: Stars are great in front of groups of people. Their asset is their brand. They shine and glow in a way that attracts peoples’ attention and if used correctly this can be used to grow a business using presentations, media strategies and just making contact with audiences.

Supporter/ Connector/ Networker: Supporters are natural, avid networkers. Their value is in who they know and being able to bring people together for mutual benefit. They have a genuine interest in people and will know and remember all kinds of things about individuals they meet… simply because they love connecting with people.

Deal Maker/ Match Maker/ Negotiator: Deal Makers are the folks you see with two or three phones, which they always answer when you’re having coffee with them! They think in terms of groups of people and packages/ deals they can match them up with. They have a good sense of what is going on right now, and have little patience for ideology and what could be possible. They deal in tangibles and the successful ones make their money on exchange of the contracts they craft.

Trader/ Implementer/ Server: Traders have their ear to the ground. They are 100% focused on the present moment. They are more stressed when they have nothing to do and are great at just getting things done, within a framework that already exists. They make excellent triage doctors and nurses. They are masters of timing – which is why they are so good at trading volumes of goods and services which are commodities.

Accumulator/ Collector/ Gatherer: Accumulators are great at hanging to things. When this is money, or appreciating assets– this is a fabulous person to have on your team. When it is old junk they are hanging onto, they become hoarders. Great at research, they tend to be slow to make a decision, because they find it difficult to intuitively and quickly weigh the importance of all the data they have gathered.

Lord/ Researcher/ Analyzer/ Maven: Lords are phenomenal at detail and make excellent researchers. They excel in roles and businesses where the details are important for good decisions to be made. (This also makes them excellent investors, and good in business when the fat needs to be trimmed. They are great at seeing what can be cut back on.) They are also naturally great at controlling (without owning) cash generating assets.

Mechanic/ Tinkerer/ Engineer: Mechanic profiles come into their own when it comes to making things better. They are avid tinkerers and excel when they have a system already in place to improve on; whether it be a machine to increase its productivity, or the cash flowing through a business and tweaking processes to increase the profit or throughput. If you’re a Mechanic, do expect to be able to start something from scratch though… you’ll forever be trying to improve it before you implement anything.

This is an incredibly short overview of the profiles. For details on the personality types, the flaws the strengths and more importantly the specific action steps to take for your profile, you may want to check out the book: Wire Yourself for Wealth.

The book will show you how to change the chemistry of what you do, by involving the right people with the right profile at the right time. This is essential if you’re ever going to make the next step up in your business.

The beauty of this is once you start working to your Money Genius Type not only are you playing to your natural strengths and stacking the odds of success in your favour, but in cutting out the other things you automatically stop hemorrhaging energy, time and money with things that are never going to give you even mediocre results.

So – two things to do:

Thing 1

Work out which Money Genius Type you are most like and look at how you can apply your profile’s money strategies in your life right now.

Thing 2

Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing and do easily. Now make a list of all the things you procrastinate about or that zap your energy. Make a point of doing more of the things in the first list and see about getting rid of the things in the second list.

To Your Inevitable Success!

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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