Finding the diva within…

Nobody wins raffle prizes do they?  Well apparently I did!  At the Women Unlimited Create your Future conference in March I won  a place on the weekend personal development workshop with the Well Heeled Divas and the dynamic Jane Kenyon.

I really didn’t know what was in store for me …

The two-day workshop comprised of long days, so when I first arrived my first thoughts were pretty feeble and it was by no means certain that I would reach the end.  The room filled up with a group of women from all walks of life and during the first session we got to know each other and talked about what we wanted from the day.   It was a fascinating experience and one that was valuable in benchmarking the success of the weekend.

As a coach, I thought I was pretty well sorted. Ummmmmm perhaps not…  As I went through values, beliefs and behaviours and I discovered a number of things that I hadn’t unpicked before.  Was it possible that I have been in denial about my limiting beliefs?

Very quickly the workshop helped to zap some of them and no small part of that was thanks to a lot of shouting .  I certainly needed to explore the Strong Woman Syndrome; a mix of super woman and victim and also about stepping into the female energy.  This latter item was very interesting having worked in a corporate environment for most of my career and thinking through whether I had really left my persona behind when stepping through my front door.  Not only was the content of the day ‘food for thought’ but the energy of the women that supported the workshop was energetic and vibrant.

I was hooked!

Sunday came and all the women arrived bright and fresh having battled through the early starters for the London marathon.  The second day really took a look at individual’s identity, values and goals and we took time to really brainstorm and then prioritise these.  Time – how many of us let time slip past?  Do we use time to really take a look at our inner self and how we can improve and develop?  Very rarely I believe. This workshop allowed us to explore and define our goals and vision board in a really fun way.  It asked the fundamental question – are we living our passion and if not why not!

One of the problems that often happens is that we attend these powerful worskhops and then do nothing with them.  So the true test is what happens next.  Doing nothing is not an option with Jane – the Diva supreme!  She had us committing to everyone in the group our actions and I have already a string of emails in my inbox from my new Diva pals.

What was the impact of the weekend for me?

Well I am going on another Diva course this weekend to develop more  skills and I have started building a healing centre! This is a dream that I never thought I could realise.  I was inspired and met some great women to be inspired with.   Thank you Jane, that raffle prize was the best thing that could have happened for me right now!

Note from Women Unlimited: You can see Jane in action at the Core Bar & Grill in London on Tuesday May 19, 2009.  Click here to find out more and book your ticket


About the Author: Gail is an independent consultant and coach.  Her business Nielen Consulting is a company that lives and breathes supporting people and their businesses by helping them make smarter sales and marketing decisions.

Photo credit:  This beautiful image has been taken by  Freyja*

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