Finish What You Start: 3 Ways to Stop Quitting

Every one of us has started something that we just didn’t finish. It’s frustrating to see that pile of unfinished projects just sitting on the floor it’s like a pile of regrets that keeps on growing. I know in my own life I’ve had to deal with that on more than one occasion. The violin I started playing in middle school, the Spanish lessons that I started and stopped, the video series that I stopped mid-stream, the books that I read until I got about halfway through, the business ideas that I just let go of and there are plenty more I could add. There is a strong case for not doing things just to do them, but there is an even stronger case for finishing what you start!

1. Be picky!

Over the years, I have become more selective about the projects I start. Now, I am more selective about what I start because I know I only have a limited amount of time to work. I would imagine the same is true for you. If fewer things make it to our list, we can focus on what’s important to us, instead of focusing on multiple things and not completing anything. Focusing on too many tasks can be overwhelming and can stop us from finishing what we start. You, your time and your energy are limited. You cannot do everything, and if you fill up your time with a list of to-do’s you might not do a good job, or you might not complete what is most important. Here, are some things to consider before adding another thing to your list. Is this project necessary? Is there another way this need can be met or fulfilled? Would you regret not doing this in 3 months, in a year, in 5 years?

2. Let passion drive the wheel

If you are passionate about a project, you are much more likely to finish what you start. When you are excited, and the project is important to you, there is a much greater chance that you will finish it! You are more likely to pick it up and are willing to work long and hard to finish what you have started. When you are passionate about something you want to complete it, because the ending is just important to you as the beginning. So before, you start a new project ask yourself, these three questions: Why is this important to me? I know I love the idea, but do I need to be the one to do it, or am I the supporting cast for someone else’s dream? Do I care enough about this project to make sure I see it through until it’s completed, no matter how long it takes?

3. Consider the cost, and decide if you can really pay it!

We all have tons of things we want to do, but all of them come at a cost. There is a cost in the beginning, and there is also a cost at the end. If this item is going to make it to your list, you have to be willing to make time to do it. Not just today, but until it is finished! Before you say yes to another thing on your calendar, think about that and think long and hard. You want to be able to finish what you start so you need to know when you are going to make time to start, maintain, and finish this project. What are you willing to give up to make sure that this project receives the time it deserves? Are you willing to give up television for a season of time? Are you willing to funnel resources in the direction of this project to get it completed? Will you get up early and stay up late do you can make it to the finish line? Will you say no to some of the things you enjoy so you can work harder and so you can focus on getting this project to the done column. If you are not willing to make time to finish the project, maybe it’s not the right time to start it. Think about the cost and make sure you are willing to pay it.

We can all stop quitting and become finishers, if we are willing to do what it takes to finish the projects we start. We would be amazed at what would happen if we say yes to the best and say no to the good. If we make sure that we are passionate about the things we start, and we consider the cost of every yes. When we are willing to pay the cost and work hard, we would all find that we have no problem finishing what we start.
By Aida J Ingram

About the Author: Aida Ingram, is the CEO of An Inspired You, a published author, Marketing strategist, and a Executive, Business and Life Coach. She believes people should BE their legacy, not just leave a Legacy. She specializes in business development, marketing, book writing, and bringing creative ideas to the marketplace. Please visit her website: and check out her Facebook Fan Page, If you enjoyed this article, join my mailing list so that I can share giveaways, valuable tips, and information that will help you live the life you want and deserve.

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