Getting on TV, SEO and how to sell

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fav’s.  These are a bit all over the place this week.  The only thing they have in common is that they are just plain useful for you and your business!   Have a fabulous weekend.
Five top tips for getting featured on TV: Yesterday I went to a great session put on by Claire Richmond from .  Claire has kindly agreed to do a webinar for us next month, but in the meantime, this article is a great place to get started!

5 Tips For Using Your Blog as Branding Tool:  Another list of 5… this is just a good common sense article on how to use a blog and what to think about when you are writing your blog

Comment Luv enabled blogs: Ok, this isn’t really a getting publicity for your brand article… it’s more of a link building SEO article – but it’s worth starting to learn about this stuff and using it to build both links and visitors back to your website (ps. quick plug and check out our SEO workshop in November)

Your 5 customers or how to sell to damn near anybody: Naomi Dunford knows her stuff.  This is a fantastic article that looks at the psychology of buying and she then goes into each of the different buying types (we’ve only made it to 3 so far in further articles)

A missed opportunity: Google geeks on women in tech:  This post was shared with me by  @Gina_Romero and raises some interesting points about women in business and how much (or little) we need to stand up for our fellow women.  The thing that was interesting for me, and an important point is that success stories are great, but there are not enough of them.  By focusing on the few women who are achieving great success in enterprise or in the corporate world, are we in fact missing the reality of the situation.  That there are still not enough women in top positions in business.

The SEO guide to creating linkbait:  I can’t believe that this is being given away for free.  There is loads of great information and I love that it is a combination of articles, videos and pictures.

Infographic on email opening times:  This is quite interesting and I always suggest that you try out different times for sending your emails to check out when you get the best results as every business and audience are different.  Here is a counter argument which says it doesn’t matter what time your email is sent…

Where do ideas come from

[youtube width=”580″ height=”356″][/youtube]

Just an amazingly good deal

Dave Navarro is an American blogger / internet marketer who has decided to put all his courses online.  He’s asking for donations, but is giving free access to his content.  There is some great stuff in there – so it is well worth checking it out.  As most of you won’t know Dave, I suggest having a look at the content first and if you like what you read and learn and feel that there is value in it – then donate then.  Here is a quick list of the contents:

  • Building a Responsive List
  • High Conversion Sales Pages
  • Creating Products That Sell
  • Optimizing Your Blog For Sales
  • Getting Affiliates To Sell For You
  • Mastering Your Sales Funnel
  • Becoming Incredibly Productive
  • Becoming a Big Player In Your Niche
Click here to see for yourself

Be inspired and save some lives

This book is a compilation of great insights, learning and inspiration and has been put together to End Malaria. The project is incredibly worthwhile as a child dies every 45 seconds of Malaria. At least $20 from each book sale goes toward the project… and you get great value out of it! Go on, buy the book today.
buy the book today: End Malaria or get  the Kindle edition: End Malaria

Just something to make you laugh

We showed this video at the beginning of this month’s Moxie club and I laughed so hard I cried the first time I watched it.  Hope it makes you smile

[youtube width=”580″ height=”465″][/youtube]

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