Get in touch with YOU

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Whatever you do, you’ll do it with more pizzazz and passion if you’re in line with your values. Our busy world, where we worry about the global downturn as much as global warming, sometimes leaves us short on time to think about what really matters, what our real values are.

Here are some simple ways to get back in touch with yourself:

Step one / the open coffin scenario

(Stay with me – it’s not as bleak as it sounds) You’re, how can I put this? dead. Ok? And all your friends have come to your funeral. Your best friend/partner is giving the eulogy: what will it say about you? What will all your friends remember you for?

Step two / the can’t fail scenario

You have a lucky charm that means you simply cannot fail. Everything you do from this moment on will be hugely successful. What are you planning?

Step three / the massive change scenario

What massive change would you make in your world, if you knew you couldn’t fail? It’s surprising how the idea of being unable to fail can set you free, and says a lot about your negative internal script!

Confidence keynotes

Check out the most confident person you know: how does s/he enter a room? Speak? Sit? Respond to aggression? Deal with conflict?

Watch and learn and then be shameless. Copy what this confident person does. There’s no law against it, and no-one but you will even be aware that you’re copying. What everyone else will see is the gestures, body language and composure of a confident person.

And the great thing is that slowly but surely, these gestures, body language and composure will feed back into your subconscious so that before you know it, you actually start to feel confident. Give it a try.


About the Author: Hazel Walker is a professional business and personal development coach, with a 100% success rate – check out some of her clients’ testimonials – and as a director of Redbird coaching she bases her coaching on her belief that coaching can enable you to access the answer that’s somewhere inside you.

As well as one-to-one coaching, she runs assertiveness training courses and, with coaching colleague Jan Grover, she also runs Power Lunch business coaching workshops and Power Confidence Workshops. In December 2008 she published two Power Confidence workbooks, with two more titles in the series planned for early 2009. February 2009 will see the launch of a series of Confidence Masterclasses.

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