Are you going round in circles?

Earlier this week I found myself driving round a roundabout 5 times.

My sat nav was telling me to take one exit and yet my gut instinct was telling me to take the exit before. I was running late for a networking event that I was speaking at and rather than risk being even later, I decided to follow my sat nav’s advice and ignore my gut instinct.

I should have followed my gut!

My sat nav, like all good sat nav systems, took me the long route round, sticking to the bigger roads. The good news I wasn’t too late but I did make me question why I decided to base a decision on an electronic device rather than my own instinct.

Our gut instinct is an incredibly powerful force. And especially so in our own businesses. Our gut instinct can kick in when we meet someone for the first time at a networking event. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there was something about the way they said your name, you didn’t like.

Our gut instinct can kick in when you speak to a prospective client for the first time. It may have been the way they answered the phone or the off-the-cuff comment about their business partner that just made you squirm in your seat slightly.

When you get these gut instincts it’s important to sit up and take notice.

You don’t need to act on it there and then. I certainly wouldn’t recommend you make your excuses and hide in the toilets for the remainder of that networking event. Or complain of static on the line and put the phone down on your prospective client.

But listen carefully to what your gut is telling you.

If the person you met at that networking event approaches you the next week with a business opportunity – think carefully and remember that initial reaction you had. Is this someone you can trust and do business with?

If the prospective client becomes a client – perhaps ensure you have a clear objective and agenda for working together so that there is no room for any misunderstanding to happen.

Just because you may be hungry for business and desperate to generate some cashflow, don’t just take what is offered to you there and then.

Trust your intuition.

You could just end up going round and round a roundabout, confused on which exit to take.

Karen Skidmore
Karen Skidmore

Karen Skidmore helps small business owners work smarter and use the right marketing tools so they can attract more of the right clients to their business. Karen created the Web Tech Club to show you how to use tools such as email newsletters, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. To subscribe to her free email newsletter and get access to practical advice and marketing ideas that will move your business forward, visit

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