Have you embraced your product’s adorable flaw

Every product or service has an “Adorable Flaw” and when you admit to them in your sales letter, you endear people to you as well as add credibility to what it is you’re offering.

What is an Adorable Flaw?

An Adorable Flaw is some part of your product or service that might seem like an imperfection, but when communicated properly, increases the appeal of what you’re offering.

Adorable Flaws work to make your product unique and more personable than the competition and can set you and your business apart for favourable reasons.

The important thing to remember when including your Adorable Flaw (or Flaws) is that it should be written as a positive part of what you’re offering, and not as a serious weakness.

Embracing your flaws

For example, let’s say you’re more expensive than your competitors because you refuse to use cut-price materials. On the face of it, being more expensive might seem like a disadvantage, but this is a perfect example of an “Adorable Flaw.”

“Okay, it’s confession time, the price tags on our furniture aren’t the cheapest in town, and if you’re looking for something made from MDF that you can assemble with an Allen key we’re going to disappoint you again. But if you’re looking for long-lasting pieces to adorn your home and impress your visitors, we think you’re going to find plenty of things to like and love in our large range of hand-crafted and beautifully detailed pieces.”

And this doesn’t just work if you’re more expensive than your competitors, let’s say you offer a very basic web design service for people just starting out on a budget. You might initially think that your simple service might look unprofessional compared to a much larger agency, but you can turn this into an Adorable Flaw for sure…

“When you hire my agency will you get a 10-strong creative team holding regular “consultations” over long lunches (at your expense)?

Will your website be released with fanfare (and more expense) at a posh launch event and be submitted to all the latest web-design awards?

Well, no… But it will be up and running in less than 5 days, professionally designed and with an easy to remember domain name of your choosing. If it’s more important to have a website that wins you customers, rather than fancy awards, you’re going to love what I can do for you…”

What is your Adorable Flaw?

In this next section, have a little think about what might be seen as a weak spot with your business that you can turn into an “Adorable Flaw” in your sales letter.

Common ones (and possible strengths) include:

Too cheap – Budget friendly, basic service, customers not paying for things they don’t need

Too expensive – High quality, tailored service for a VIP treatment

Slow turnaround – Quality takes time or cheaper service because of slower delivery

Only offer one type of service – Specialised service, you are the “experts” in your field

Small company – Flexible, faster decisions, no bureaucratic loopholes

Too young – Energetic, enthusiastic, open to try new things and buck convention

Too old – Experienced, built up valuable contacts in the industry that benefit your customer

Now it’s over to you…

Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison is a copywriter for entrepreneurs. In addition to writing for her clients, she also coaches business owners to smash up their sales copy obstacles and get their offers out there. She is the also the author of How To Get Your Sales Page DONE!

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