Home V Office: where do you do your work?

People who work from home are more productive than their office-based colleagues, a study has recently revealed.

Despite the stereotype that home-based workers get an easier ride than people in an office, researchers found they are actually less likely to spend their day surfing the internet and making personal phone calls.

On top of that, people who work from home are also more likely to work evening and weekends and take fewer lunch breaks.

What the study found…

A spokesperson for labelling solutions provider DYMO, which carried out the study, said “Whenever anyone says they work from home, it’s easy to picture them still in their pyjamas at lunchtime watching daytime television.

‘’But it seems that they are actually working harder than their office-based counterparts.

‘’While it might seem like it’s easier to shy away from work when you aren’t in the office, it can actually mean that many are working harder to prove themselves to their boss.

‘’Working from home can also mean you actually get more work down as it’s much quieter than a busy office.’’

Personal calls and emails

  • The study of 3,000 workers found that more than half of office based-workers said they often send personal emails when they should be working, with another 42 per cent making personal phone calls.
  • But people working from home are stricter with themselves with just 39 per cent sending emails to friends and less than a third making personal phone calls.

Surfing the net

  • Almost 55 per cent browse the internet at work while more than a third will make sure their internet banking is all up-to-date.
  • Just 35 per cent surf the internet to kill some time and only 26 per cent do their shopping or banking online during work hours.


  • Those working from home also think they work harder with a quarter saying they are fully concentrating on their work the entire time, along with 26 per cent of self-employed and entrepreneurs.
  • But in comparison just 20 per cent of office-based workers said the same, with six out of ten admitting they sometimes have moments where the job isn’t getting their full attention.

Clock watching

  • The study also revealed that almost a quarter of people working from an office refuse to start work a minute earlier than 9am, but just 16 per cent of office-based workers said the same.
  • And a staggering 30 per cent of Brits who work in an office said they switch off as soon as the clock hits 5pm but just 10 per cent of home workers agree.


  • More than half of people who do their job from their home also claimed they often put in extra hours during the evenings, while just 45 per cent of office workers do the same.
  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed Brits are even better with almost three quarters saying they are often working into the evening.
  • Another 57 per cent of home-based employees are also happy to work over the weekends to keep on top of their workload, compared to just 42 per cent of office-based workers.

A spokesman for DYMO added: ‘’Those that work from home tend to be self-employed or an entrepreneur setting up their own business who are passionate about their work and are prepared to put the hours and the hard work in,”

The findings are part of DYMO’s ‘Future of Entrepreneurship’ trends report, which has also revealed some fascinating insights about which industries the ‘Futurepreneurs’ of the next decade will emerge from and how working life will change between now and 2020.  For further information on DYMO visit www.dymo.com.

About the Author: Daniel Drage is Head of Digital at 72Point and at OnePoll. 72 Point are National News, PR and Market Research specialists offering a range of services.  OnePoll are a fast growing online market research company.

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