How emotional writing convinces customers

When you stir the emotions of your reader or customers, you strengthen that personal connection between them and your business.

Using emotion isn’t about including hype and exclamations marks, it’s about grabbing your reader’s attention, pulling them in and making them feel that they want to find out more about you and what you have to offer.

There are a 3 simple copywriting techniques that can help you stir your customer’s emotions and make her more receptive to what you have to offer.


Describe her problem vividly

Show your customer that you truly understand her problems or pain by painting a vivid description of it. A great way of doing this is to take a routine scene where your customer’s problem shows up and then describe it to her so she knows that you and your business understand her pain.

For example, a business offering spa retreats might have on their sales page:

If you spend hours each day at your desk working hard, then you understand the frustrating discomfort of a stiff neck and tired, tight shoulders.  It’s not just the muscle ache and back ache you have to battle with either, you regularly experience the stresses of clearing your inbox and crossing off everything on that ambitious to do list you set yourself. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to take a break…


Describe the solution

Then, we’re going to use exactly the same technique as above, only this time, we’re going to show your customer what it’s going to be like when she hires you or buys your product.

So imagine the feeling of a luxuriously soft Egyptian cotton robe against your skin as you relax by one of our heated pools. Completely unwind with your choice of body treatments, from the deep heat infusion of hot stones, to the invigorating and energising option of a full body Swedish massage. Picture those daily stresses simply drifting away as you enjoy those precious moments of “you” time….


Focus on how your customer is going to “feel”

As consumers, we buy on emotion, and then justify the purchase with logic. Whenever you are trying to promote something you are offering or selling, you want to let your customer know how she is going to “feel” after working with you. Is she going to feel relaxed and at ease? Is she going to have more confidence and pride in her business? If she going to feel excited and attractive?

Whatever you sell with your business, when you want to communicate this to your audience, always ask yourself how it’s going to make your customer feel better, and then tell her about it!


Amy Harrison runs Harrisonamy Copywriting. She loves helping passionate business owners communicate their vision to their customers. For more copywriting tips and techniques, Subscribe to her blog or follow her on twitter: @harrisonamy

Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison is a copywriter for entrepreneurs. In addition to writing for her clients, she also coaches business owners to smash up their sales copy obstacles and get their offers out there. She is the also the author of How To Get Your Sales Page DONE!

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