Is your business branding costing you sales?

There’s one thing business owners have in abundance and that’s their passion. They really do believe in what they are doing. They are great at working in their business and they want it to represent what their business truly stands for. They really want their brand to give the right impression knowing that first impressions count.

When we see branding either that’s on a business card, store interior, window or a brochure, colour is the first thing we take in. We are either experiencing a positive or negative psychological reaction to the combination of colours. In other words, we look at the colours and we experience a feeling; it’s already making us feel a certain way. Most of the time we don’t consciously realise this is even happening.

Then what we do, is confirm those feeling with the images we see; the logo, the shapes and the words we are reading.

Align or not align

As human beings we are constantly looking for harmony. We are constantly calibrating and when we feel something is out of alignment, we instantly know something is wrong. We may or may not know what it is, but we do know something isn’t quite right.

If your overall branding is giving mixed messages at this point, usually before you (the business owner) have even met your potential client or customer, it could be costing you the sale!

On the other hand, if the personality of your brand is fully expressed through your colours, logo, font and the copy of your website and materials etc., then the potential client or customer will be getting the same consistent message confirmed for them.

“Colour is registered by the brain before either images or typography. Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%.”
Source: University of Loyla, Maryland study

Here’s an example. If you had a counselling business and your brand colours were black and white, and your copy read – ‘our service is warm, caring, understanding and listening’, the reader would instinctively know that black and white isn’t about being warm and caring, it’s about drama and sophistication; where there is no room for compromise.

Humans instinctively know when something isn’t right, and would be asking themselves – ‘So which one are they?’ They don’t know which experience they are going to get. What might be going through their head is something like this – ‘Hold on, is it the words or is it what I feel when I see the colours? I don’t understand, it doesn’t make sense…I’m not going to bother’. And at that point you will most probably lose them. As human beings we are always seeking harmonious patterns and we know when something is out of alignment, even if that is at a deep unconscious level.

“…if your overall branding is giving mixed messages it could be costing you the sale.”

So how do we get to the right colour choice for your business brand? How do we ensure our colour signalling, our way of non-verbal communication is in alignment with all the visual elements of our brand?

Here are 3 tips to help you choose the right brand colours for your business brand personality

1. Identify your business brand personality by establishing your core business values, aims and principles.

2. Select the tonal colour group (colour patterning) that best represent your business brand personality.

3. Select the colour or colours whose psychological properties best express your business brand.

Be aware, the impact of colours can change when colours are combined and their intensity changes.

Once you have identified your brand colour palette based on your brand’s personality and values, and your logo, images and copy are all giving the same cohesive message (across all areas of your business), you’ll begin to attract your ideal clients and customers.

Communicating through colour

As a business owner how much thought have you put into the tone and combination of colours that represent your business brand? Do you know what they are actually saying?

Surprisingly, most business owners use colour as mere decoration or as an afterthought. Instead, think of colour as a subliminal language, another way to communicate and to attract your ideal clients.

Used to its full effect, your branding colours will give you the competitive edge, elicit the right emotional response from your prospects, and significantly increase your sales.

What do your business branding colours represent? What does it mean for your business brand identity?

If you would like to understand how you can make your business brand colours work for you, check out my business branding colour articles here on Women Unlimited Worldwide.

Or you can download my free e-book ‘7 Mistakes most business owners make with their branding colours’ over at

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Karen Haller

Karen Haller is one of the leading authorities in the field of applied colour psychology. She is an internationally renowned business colour and brand personality expert, helping clients from across the globe transform the branding image of their business. She has consulted, trained and worked on campaigns for a number of prestigious brands including 3M Post-it, Thomas Pink, Humanscale, Dulux, Orange Mobile, Logitech and The Peggy Porschen Cake Academy. Karen is regularly featured in the UK’s leading magazines, newspapers and on radio. She is a published author, consultant, tutor and speaker on the subject of colour psychology, Colour Intuition™, colour association and colour in culture. Karen Haller runs her own colour and design consultancy specialising in the science and psychology of colour and how that is applied to business branding and interiors. When it comes to the design process Karen believes it starts with understanding the authentic personality whether that is of an individual or a business, revealing the colours and design that expresses their true identity. Karen is a co-author of the leading industry book Colour design: Theories and applications, the first of its kind bringing the arts, science and applications together. Karen was commissioned to write chapter 20 - Colour in interior design, discussing the use of colour in both residential and commercial interiors. Karen speaks regularly to businesses and industry professionals on the importance of colour. She has given talks at Grand Designs LIVE on her Colour Intuition™ system and spoke at the prestigious industry Clerkenwell Design week on the importance of colour and how architects and interior designers have an incredible social responsibility with the colour choices they make. Karen is also a trustee of the Colour Group of Great Britain and on the advisory board of the charity Color Cares. Visit for your free e-book on ‘7 Mistakes Most Business Owners Make with Their Branding Colours’. You can connect with Karen by clicking on the icons below.

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