How to dress for your entrepreneurial style – Part 2

At Zukuri UnLtd we’ve created key entrepreneur style profiles to help you pick clothes that suit your working lifestyle, highlight your ‘style’ values and resonate with your clients. Part 1 was all about The People Person and The Traditionalist. Today we look at The Creative Hipster and The Homeworker. Take note how the ‘visual conversations’ of the clothes, can give you clues for your clothing choices when you meet your next client.

The Creative Hipster

Operates in a loose and free capacity – maybe in events or generally in a creative arena where pushing the individuality button is key. Works in hubs, cafes, own office or from home. Out and about on the scene or in their client’s home.

Signature issues:

  • Creating outfits that are a true reflection of their personality
  • Can afford to take more experimental risks in what they wear
  • Playing with comfy casual or clashing prints, masculine/feminine looks, flats and quirky shapes
  • Sourcing unique USP items – accessories etc
  • ‘One off’ or vintage items
  • Lounge and comfort chic
  • Everyday is an adventure with their wardrobe and their clients expect the unexpected

This creative hipster outfit has style values of:

sam 1Spirited There is a beautiful energy and movement to her clothes. From the polka dots to the texture and fabric of the jacket. This creative hipster gives a tactile approach to her wardrobe; inviting her clients to engage in conversation and is able to ‘break the ice’.

Tailored Nipped in and body contouring shapes give this a polished and tailored finish.

Assured It’s a block look, key straight lines in the trousers, the trim of the bag and the jacket all work to create a strong ethos. There is a delicate balance between the femininity and the softness of the blouse and the rest of the outfit. Great for creating presence for a workshop or networking event.

Other strong Creative Hipster looks

sam 2











The Homeworker

Mainly works from home. Either a new start-up, mumpreneur or one who predominantly works from home with ad-hoc casual meetings. Covering a variety of professions – writers, coaches, artists, VAs and holistic health professionals.

Signature issues:

  • Simple but professional outfits
  • Comfort is key as well as the ability to be ‘ready for anything’
  • ‘Interesting to look at’ tops that have some unique features for Skype calls
  • Invest in great basics – high quality comfort fabrics
  • Colour blocking – great colours near the face for Skype calls
  • Good jackets, shoes, USP’s to jazz up a casual base outfit for a meeting

When working from home, a new question begins to emerge: to get dressed, or not to get dressed? It may be easy to roll out of bed and onto your laptop, but can you really say you’re ready for the day when you’re wearing your PJs? Establishing just a simple routine in the morning, will send positive messages to your brain about your capabilities, boost your confidence, and get you going on that ever-extending to-do list!

It’s also vital to assess what works for you. Your schedule may dictate your dressing habits; whether you have a regular meeting to attend each week, the rush of the school run, or part-time employment in the afternoon.

Take this simple outfit. This gives off style values of:sam 3

Simplicity The pairing of basic neutrals gives this outfit an easy layered effect that is uncomplicated and definitive

Practical It acts as a great foundation for a fab pair of shoes should you need to jazz it up, or can be nicely paired with flats to pop out for an inspiring afternoon stroll

Truth This is a no-nonsense outfit that helps you plough through your to-do list in a heartbeatSONY DSC



It’s always important to think about how you engage and present yourself online just as you do in-person. With the growth of video conferencing, how-to video presentations and google hangouts, why not add a litle sparkle to your basic work from home outfit with a trendy necklace.

Check out some other options below for Homeworker outfits

sam 5Really look at what basics/staples you can pair together to up the level of interest. What base outfit can be added to take you from laptop one minute and school run or quick client lunch the next? Your ‘work from home’ outfit should enable you to ‘be ready for anything’.

Over To You

Have a look at the outfit you have put together today. Does it speak to your creative hipster entrepreneur style profile?

Is your work from home outfit adding to your level of productivity? Can you flip on some nice shoes and head out the door effortlessly? It pays to invest in your mental and physical mindset to stay creative and alert when working from home. Let your wardrobe play a part in this too.


I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below and let me know what your work from home or creative hipster outfits say about you.

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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