And Then You Tried To Fix It…

You’re a do-er. A mover and shaker. Someone who prides herself on results…

And yet, maybe it sometimes feels like the results just aren’t forthcoming.

And it sucks, because you work so hard, week in and week out, and you manage to make a success of everything else.

It’s just this money “thing” that is frustrating the heck out of you.

You see others around you doing all kinds of cool things, like webinars, and blogging and networking events, and it LOOKS like they’re making a success of it… So why aren’t you?

Why is it that despite spending hours learning, and reading all the popular blogs about business, and marketing, and strategies and tactics, and attending event after event, you still can’t seem to get your business producing an ongoing, consistent income?

Why is it that you get little flurries of great activity and then everything goes a bit flat?

Well, maybe you find that one of the problems is that when you  step back and take a good look at your business, you realise that you don’t have a clear system that is already working. It’s not like you can consistently do x and make $y.

You dip in and out of thinking you know what you’re doing, followed by periods of mass overwhelm and confusion.

Everything is a struggle.

To your credit, you’re working incredibly hard whilst juggling everything else you know you need to do to survive. But the odds are you have little support and understanding for what you’re trying to achieve and sometimes you feel like just giving up.

But this isn’t how it was suppose to be!

When you conceived of the idea of your business you probably pictured something along the lines of:

  • working four hours a day,
  • walking the kids to school each day,
  • sipping coffee and checking your emails in cafes,
  • having the flexibility to disappear off for the weekend at a moments’ notice,
  • feeling confident, and free because you have the financial security sorted.

But here you are right now, and that image of how you’d love your life to be is a frustratingly distant visualisation that you are still striving for.

You’re still stuck struggling with tasks that drain your energy, battling internally to figure out how you can afford to outsource something, while your income is barely keeping you afloat.  Tension and stress tend to greet you for breakfast, instead of hot croissants and room service.

So what happened?

Why Isn’t It Working?!

Well, it’s not your fault, and you certainly didn’t intend for this to happen.

But your plans to this point have been filled with assumptions that aren’t realistic, you’re trying to tackle too many things at once, and you’re doing the wrong things for your personality.

I get tons of emails each month from inspired and talented people who are finding themselves stuck because their business model is not set up correctly, or because they read something somewhere that was flawed and took it for gospel, or because they’ve spent a huge amount of time and energy building a website that no one is interested in. Often it’s a simple case that they just can’t seem to get their ideas off the ground.

And it is okay if you can relate to this. Everyone goes through this kind of thing (goodness knows I did in the early years!) Wasted time and money, working with the wrong people, overestimating the demand for something, scrambling to try and build an audience for a course or product that you know has potential…

The problem is we start off with assumptions that just aren’t accurate and then we base our all our activity on them. This means that everything we do after the fact is going to be flawed. We only realise this when it’s too late: when nobody is buying our product or no one is coming to our networking meetings, or finding our website.

And so eventually you realised that something was fundamentally wrong from the beginning, and you try to fix it.

And Then You Tried To Fix It…

Which seems like the sensible thing to do.

You realise something is wrong and you “course correct” – like all the textbooks tell you.

You change what you’re doing, you start another website.

You recast and rebrand your business.

You take out ads in an online mag.

You try getting picked up by the media.

And you keep trying and trying and trying…

And when these new activities don’t bring you the results you were after, you start looking for answers: you take course after course after course. You spend hundreds of dollars – even thousands, searching for the answers that are going to give you life’s golden ticket. Well, if these gurus did it, then surely if you do what they say, then you will succeed too… right?

But then in a quiet moment, you reflect, and you ask – “what have you got to show for it?”

I can probably guess the answer.

Because pulling it altogether and putting into play a strategy that works for your personality takes some serious consideration. And then there is managing the inner game: the doubts, the voices, the nagging feelings that you’re just going to fail again… And without the experience, and wisdom that goes along with having already done it, it is very difficult to really know what to do.

The result is that you end up even more stressed, exhausted, confused, and basically worse off in terms of time and money spent than ever before.

No – to find the problems, you need to really understand business and marketing. Because all of the things you want to do – attract an audience, engage them, and convert them to paying customers – these are all marketing skills. Skills and understandings that take years of learning and applying to really get.

And I don’t mean the way that everyone who’s taken a course or read a book thinks they understand marketing. I mean really understand it.

We’re talking about learning something at a really deep level, not just picking up a tactic or two. That takes time. And lots of reading, and lots of paying attention to the right things.

So The Question Becomes…

How long are you willing to wait before things start turning around?

How much time are you willing to invest before you start seeing a significant consistent income coming into your bank account?

Is it weeks? Months? Years?

Having realistic expectations is important. If you try to run a marathon as though it were a sprint, you’ll end up exhausted on the side of the road. And if you try to run a sprint as though it were a marathon, you’ll finish dead last.

So how soon do you want to get this figured out?

If you’re willing for it to take 3-4 years to get your business to where you want it to be, then a good strategy is to read business books and study things like sales psychology, behavioural economics and start testing and measuring the things that are working in the industry right now.

If you want to see results in 6-9 months, then you need something a little more intense, like a training program. There are a lot of courses out there, but it’s important to stick to the good ones; I recommend starting with reading Wire Yourself for Wealth and doing all the exercises in there… and then picking your training program depending on your profile and the type of strategy that works for your personality.

If you want to fix things sooner than that, you should get some help.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Being successful isn’t about fluke or chance. It’s not about coming up with the right business idea and just being able to pick up everything along the way. Being successful takes a lot of trial and error and as we’ve said, reading the right books, taking the right courses and having the right mind set. But all this can be MASSIVELY short cut by talking to the right people and getting one on one personal input.

But don’t ask your aunt, or your best friend (unless they’ve done what you’re trying to do).

Reach out to someone who knows what they’re talking about. And take what they say seriously. They could help you avoid lots of costly mistakes.

To Your Success!

 * If you would like to know more about how Laura can help you Wire Yourself for Wealth, connect with her in the bio box below!

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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