Triple your social media response with the power of the 4 U’s

Whether you’re looking at classic marketing, or the new landscape of social seo, the key to success is to catch people’s attention and get them to take action. If you write powerful headlines you’ll catch people’s eye. Then your first paragraph must be compelling enough to make your reader want to read on to the next paragraph, and so on.

Why is this so important now?

We live in a social media world where anyone who’s anyone is on at least one of the major social media platforms. From startups to large corporations social media has overtaken traditional advertising as the way to build brand, establish your expertise, generate leads and grow your business.

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of the headline, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece”. Brian Clark, Copyblogger

The good news? It’s a level playing field out there! On Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you can market your business alongside the big boys. Having a huge marketing budget doesn’t count for diddly-squat if you haven’t built up a thriving, active, community of followers. Some of the big brands have done this well, but it’s often the successful online marketers, social media mavens and savvy self-made personalities, such as Mari Smith and Marie Forleo who are showing us how it should be done.

The bad news? It’s very overcrowded and noisy online. Everyone and his dog has a website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, Google plus page or YouTube channel. We’re all busy tweeting, posting updates, sharing our content, and blogging, and desperately hoping to be noticed.

The key to succeeding in this noisy marketplace is to go where people already are and get yourself noticed. Simple, eh?

To get noticed you need to write incredible, eye-catching, compelling headlines that make people want to read your stuff and then take the required action. Not so simple?

Major Insight Alert! Hone your copywriting skills to the level where people sit up and take notice and watch your business transform in front of your very eyes.

How To Get Noticed Online By Writing Incredible, Eye-catching, Compelling Headlines

One of the most popular methods is the 4 U’s. This isn’t new but it’s so crucial because everything you write – whether an email subject line, tweet, blog headline or status update – is a mini-headline for your business. Just consider the impact of that to your social media marketing, and your business.

So, now you can see the importance of writing amazing headlines let me introduce you to the 4 U’s so that you can start using this powerful tool today.

The first “U” is urgent

What urgent problem do you solve? 

Your product or service must meet a pressing need. Not a “nice to have” need, an “I need to fix this NOW” need. Think of the mum who’s had a baby and wants to feel slim and attractive again. Or the divorced dad hoping to get a date but concerned about his hair loss. Or the self-employed builder living with chronic back pain. You get the picture.

Urgent also means giving people a reason to act NOW. Look at your headline and ask yourself if your headline triggers a strong, actionable emotion?

“U” number two is “unique”

Pay close attention to what your audience are saying so that you can provide a unique solution that meets their burning need. You don’t have to constantly innovate with new products and services. It’s more important to listen to what your market wants and then deliver it in exactly the way they want it. Be unique by using their language or by delivering your service in a new and fresh way.

Listen to your market on social media, forums, blogs. Quite often the comments will give you a huge amount of insight into what your market are thinking about. Study their comments to find out their concerns, worries, fears and dreams.

See what solutions others in your field are offering and see if there are areas they’ve glossed over that you can help with. Or perhaps you can take a unique angle on an existing solution. Being unique is as much about talking your audience’s language as creating new ideas.

The third “U” in copywriting and marketing is “useful”

Demonstrate how your solution will solve my pressing, urgent need and you’ll never be short of sales. Use stories, testimonials and case studies to show how your product or service helps get results. Focus on the results you’ve helped others achieve and your offering will stand out.

People want to feel they will experience a breakthrough by working with you or buying your product. Show them how they’ll get the transformation they’re seeking.

Our fourth “U” is “ultra-specific”

This is where you can really stand out and shine above your competitors. By being ultra-specific you are showing your audience that you understand them; that you’ve listened to them and can help them. Being the expert in one very specific area will position you as “the one”, the “go to” person in your field, and will get you noticed. Even if there are thousands of experts who’ve been doing it for years, you’re doing your thing in such a way that no-one can compare with you.

Use the power of the 4 U’s in all your marketing and copywriting to create better conversions, get more repeat business and find new referrals.

Compare these headlines: “How To Make Money From Home” versus “How To Make $100,000 A Year From Home This Year Working Two Hours A Day”. Number two is much more compelling and meets the other “U” principles of being “urgent” (it’s “this year”), “useful” (it’s a two-hour a day system), “unique” (it’s showing you something new) and “ultra-specific” ($100,000 is specific and “working two hours a day” is specific).

Look at your business. Can you help someone lose 22 pounds in 32 days? Master YouTube in 15 minutes a day? Organize their office in 10 minute increments? Create a website in a weekend?

Take a look at your headlines. How do they measure up to the 4 U’s? I’d love to hear in the comments how you can use the 4 U’s to sharpen your marketing skills.


Cassie Hicks Kerr

Cassie is a mother, real estate investor, online entrepreneur, author and speaker. Through Modern Marketing Spark “MMSpark” she helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses using savvy online marketing and social media. Cassie is offering a free Google Plus Quick Start Guide: 10 Awesome Ways to Build Your Business on Google Plus so don't forget to grab your free copy.

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