How to know if a dream is worth pursuing

Pursuing a dream can be a scary and exciting prospect.  Sometimes we can lose sight of the reasons why we even began down the path in the first place and doubt can creep in.  If you are experiencing any of those feelings at the moment, here are some questions to ask yourself to help bring back clarity on the reasons for why you started in the first place.

1. Why did you start this goal? Has anything changed?

You had the light bulb moment – a beacon of possibility when you realised you could make your business plan a reality!  The thought of endless financial earnings, or the freedom to work hours to fit your lifestyle?

As your business grew maybe you have let go of those thoughts as you focused on making your business successful and hopes of “having it all” slipped away.  But what if you can still achieve all you hoped for by pushing past the barriers holding you back?

2. Are you overwhelmed by too much information?

The internet provides unlimited information and it is so easy to get lost in a trail of website links promising the secret to success via online articles, blog posts, downloads, training sessions and forums.

So what happens if you decide to hunt the internet for the answers?   Save time and energy; create a small focused plan.

3. Did you set a smart goal? SMART goals are:

Specific – Picture the future when you reach your goal and keep this in mind.
Measurable – Make landmarks to reach and enjoy each achievement.
Attainable – With the right mind set and skills your dreams and goals can become a reality.
Realistic – Success will not find you. Invest time, energy and skill to achieve success.
Time-Bound – Use a timeline so that you can push yourself to meet self-imposed deadlines.

Make sure you have a SMART goal with a clear view of what you want to achieve and how you plan to go about it. Without this you are relying on chance to succeed.

4. Are you afraid of success?

Don’t let fear hold you back.

If the thought of taking on more responsibility fills you with dread ask yourself why? Then ask yourself how you can remove the dread.  Be proactive and build relationships with other positive people who can help you on your way.

Sometimes we fail. Remember it is not the end of the world as long as we pick ourselves up and try again. Worrying what others think of you will slow your journey to success. Never forget the harshest critic of you is YOU.

5. Would your life improve if you gave up on this goal?

Imagine giving up on your dream – what does life look life?  If it looks bleak don’t give up. If giving up opens up the possibility of a better life then perhaps your goal was too demanding for your life right now. Either adapt your goal and rein it in or stop completely.

6. How much have you already put in?

Measure how much you have invested in your goal. Not just financially, but time, energy and sacrifices made. It’s likely your family and friends have taken a back seat while you find your feet in the business world. The plus side of this is that studies have shown that the more we have invested into something the more likely we are to stick with it.

If you feel your confidence is waning think about all you have invested because at some point you had complete confidence that you can do this.

7. What would you tell someone else if they were in your position?

Take some of your own advice; if a friend was in your situation what would you say to them?

Sometimes you need a friend to be completely honest with you so you can get your worries off your chest. Hearing someone else say they believe in you is a wonderful motivator.

Do you still want to give up?

If you are not sure if you should give up yet, don’t. Push forwards towards your dream; doubt is only our mind giving contradictory opinions and as a living breathing force to be reckoned with you can choose to move on and leave your doubt behind.

If you are feeling stuck in a rut, change something small and see how it alters your perspective. Take an extra hour off midweek or start the day with a positive mantra.



About the Author:  After gaining her Law degree in 2012 Sarah Buttery made the decision to go it alone and start her own business as she wanted the freedom and independence of being her own boss, and above all the opportunity to make her own decisions.

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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