Top tips for colour pairing your business wardrobe

Knowing how to pair certain colours or find items that work together can be time consuming. Pulling together a successful look needs to be quick and simple, especially when you’re running a business. I often spend time sourcing successful and stylish looks for clients where colour is the number one factor. Over do it and you can scare your clients away but not taking enough colour risks can make your outfits feel lack-luster. Below are several examples of how to create successful colour pairings – these will give you some idea as to what you can create in your wardrobe, or what you might choose to buy in the shops.

The Printed Scarf

Scarves are often something we collect in abundance, well I know I do. They add a bit of spice to an outfit but also allow you to build an outfit around it. This one from Desigual has beautiful contrasts of blue, fuchsia, greens, white and black. I’ve chosen a solid one piece item picking up on the greens and using the pinks and reds to act as ‘back up’ colours. This is a great day look which can work successfully without the scarf but when used gives an extra kick!

printed scarf

The Printed Skirt

For casual Friday afternoon chic, why not use an item of clothing such as the printed piece. Here the skirt acts as the main attraction, picking up on smaller elements in the flowers for the blouse.
As the skirt is made up of ‘cool’ colours, choose similar cooler colours that work harmoniously to keep the vibe fresh, bright and summery.

printed skirt








It’s important to take care when using a printed item such as this skirt that you let it play the ‘dominant’ role. The other colours should not compete with the skirt but instead be used in smaller accents like the white shoes and top.

The Tonal Vibe

Sometimes you just want to create an harmonious, eye-pleasing outfit that lets you stand out for your skills and not your clothes. Working with colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, gives you a fabulous monochromatic look. It’s sophisticated, elegant and luxurious. But this look allows you to present with ease, give talks and hold meetings where the focus needs to be on the content and less about drawing attention to yourself.

mono wheel

(Colour wheel by CVHS Designs)

silk shirt orange

Statement Trousers

But what if you do want to stand out! Complementary colours give you the showstopper effect. Great for attending networking events where you want to be seen, talked to and have your volume turned up. Using opposite colours on the colour wheel gives a striking, bold look. Perfect if you want to take a risk and give off an air of gravitas.

Complementary colour wheel


Over to You

I want to know what your signature colour pairings are. What were your colour choices today and why? Do you often uses scarves or other printed items to create great colour combinations? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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