How to Sell Your Services More Successfully

One of the keys to successfully selling more of your programs, products, and services lies in understanding that as the business owner, the onus is on YOU to help your prospective clients make a decision on whether or not they want to take you up on your offer.


A big part of the resistance which many business owners experience around selling is of course an unconscious fear of rejection. This is particularly prevalent when you are a solopreneur offering a service (such as a therapy, or coaching and consulting), because many times you are the face of the business and the service deliverer – so a ‘no’ can feel very personal.

If you’ve ever experienced that – rest assured, you’re not the only one!

An important mindset shift which will help you overcome this resistance is to realise that your role as the person doing the selling is to become the person who helps your prospect make the decision whether or not to buy.

There are number of bases you need to cover in order to provide this buying help. These include :

  • Giving them the information they need about your services and products. You’re showing them clearly the benefits and outcomes that they will be able to experience as a result of working with you – beyond the immediate features and processes of how you will work together.
  • Providing social proof through your testimonials and case studies about how other people ‘just like them’ have experienced those same benefits and outcomes.
  • Offering them choice of levels to work with you – not too much as to be overwhelming, but enough to allow them to feel that they have a couple of different options of different levels of working with you (different levels of ‘yes please’) rather than just having a ‘Yes or No’ option
  • Stand confidently behind the value of your offering with a solid, risk removing guarantee

Having done that you are then inviting your prospect to make a decision – and this is usually the part which many business owners stall at.

They think that it’s enough to just lay out the information and options – and just HOPE that the prospect will then take the next step and make a decision.

The problem with this strategy is that you’re actually doing your prospective client a disservice by not being supportive enough to take this next step with them.

If you leave your prospect in a state of indecision – because you haven’t given them the impetus and reason to make a decision – you’re leaving them in a very uncomfortable position.

Decisions Decisions

Indecision robs all of us of our energy, of our direction, and of our momentum. It becomes yet another item in our brain’s ‘inbox’ vying for attention. If you leave a prospective client feeling like that – trust me, they won’t be thanking you for it!

Of course the reason why business owners are fearful to encourage their prospect to go ahead and make a decision now is because they don’t want that decision to be a ‘No’. They misguidedly think they will have more likelihood of having a ‘Yes please’ decision by leaving things open ended – but this is simply not the case.

If you’ve done a good enough job of giving your clients all the information they need to make the decision, plus a compelling reason for making that decision now, then it’s simpler and more comfortable for you and your prospect to take that final step and move into making the decision…now!

Many people are natural procrastinators and find decision making agony – in fact they’ll do anything to avoid making the decision, because making a decision sets them up on a path of having to take action – and that’s something else that a large chunk of the population would rather not do.

(We’ve all seen people around us who have a real problem or hassle in their lives, who complain about it daily, yet never make a decision or take action to solve it!)

Breaking down the Barriers

Part of your role when you are in the business of selling your services, is to remove as many of the barriers to making that decision as possible for your prospects – in a good way. You need to do whatever you can, ethically of course, to make the decision-making process SIMPLE, and to give them a reason to take action NOW, if your service is a good fit for their need.

There a two main ways you can give your prospect a reason to make a decision at that moment  – bonuses and scarcity

For example you might offer

  • A fast action saving on the investment if they enrol today, or at this event / on this call
  • A bonus which is only available for a certain length of time
  • A bonus which is only available for the first however many number of people who invest
  • A 2 / 3 or 4 part payment plan which is only available for a specific length of time
  • A bonus for paying in full

Generally the scarcity principle works on limiting time, or amount, or taking bonuses away

– and it works well if it is done properly because when we think something is going to run out, we’re hard wired to want it MORE, and to take action quicker to get it!

(think of the scenes of people fighting in the supermarket aisles over the last turkey on Christmas Eve, or people stockpiling fuel when there’s a fuel strike threatened – if we thing something is in short supply, we want it more!)

Here are some tips on how to ethically and authentically use bonuses and scarcity to encourage your prospects to make a decision on your offer :

If your product is an e-book, or a digital download

– then clearly you can’t say ‘I’ve only got 20 then they’re gone’ because we all know that if it’s digital there is NO limit on numbers available.

In this instance you would be better off, adding a bonus, and saying that you are only making the bonus available to the first twenty who purchase – for example it could be a group call, or a laser coaching implementation session, or an additional download which adds value to the main item.

If you have a physical product

-you can of course create scarcity by legitimately saying that you’ve only had a certain number of copies made up, or that you’re changing fulfilment house, or moving office so you want to offer your existing stocks at a reduced amount until they’re all gone, to make way for the new stocks.

When it comes to a service where your time is the main factor

-then there are several ways you can create scarcity :

You could say that if you’re working one-to-one with VIP clients that you can only take on 8, because that’s all the time available in your schedule.

If you have a group program you might say that you are limiting the numbers to 14 in the group because you want to make sure that everyone gets a fair share of the ‘group’ time to have their time in the coaching spotlight individually during the group coaching calls say.

So Now It’s YOUR Turn!

Review your selling process and see where you need to plug the gaps to make it simple for your prospects to be decisive about whether your offer is a good fit for them. Add in your compelling bonuses to give them that final reason to make a decision in the moment rather than having to go away and think about it.


About the Author:  Tanya Smith is known as the Marketing and Mindset Mentor. She helps Service Business Professionals (Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Trainers and Solopreneur Business Women) to consistently attract more ideal clients and make bigger profits by using back to basics simple marketing and sales strategies which work. Her approach is to show you ways to use leverage in your business, to make a bigger difference, positively impact more clients and make more sales without being left overwhelmed and time challenged. Tanya is known for simplifying the complicated, and guiding her many clients in a step-by-step approach. You can check out her FREE resources at  starting with the ‘Get More Clients Marketing Plan’ which gives you a full audit of how successful you are at getting clients now, then the 6 simple steps to rapidly boost your client attracting success, with step by step strategies and fill in the blank templates to apply in your business today.


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