How to Stop Clogging Your Database with Tyre-Kickers and Focus on your Hot Prospects!

Are you attracting lots of people who want your free offers, who skirt around your paid-for products, who might even call you up to talk about them, but never buy anything from you? Are you spending precious resources following them up, trying to get a sale but converting very few? If your database is filled with this “special breed” of non-clients, freebie seekers, tyre kickers or TKs, it is no wonder they are not converting. They are really only there to window-shop!

Does this mean we should be afraid of having tyre kickers on our lists? Not at all! After all, truth be told you are probably kicking a few tyres on other people’s lists yourself! You could not keep them out entirely, even if you tried! But you can keep these freebie seekers from clogging your data base and burning you out as they are not yet ready to buy. You will need to lovingly keep them in the waiting room while only those who are looking to buy flow into your database. This way, your precious and limited resources are spent on your more likely prospects, yielding a better return on your investment.

Here are 2 smart things you can do to attract more buyers and separate the tyre kickers, so they do not clog your database and burn you out!

1. Sort out your mindset

We reap or attract what we sow. Quite often if we are attracting people who will not pay for our services it is because we do not rightly value what we offer and are therefore not communicating our true value in the market place. We may feel unworthy of getting paid, or that our work is “nothing special.” So we keep giving things away for free or at low cost to try to attract buyers. This is actually counter-productive as it only causes others to look down on what we offer because it is “too cheap” or “if you wait long enough she will give it away in a free teleclass!”

The way forward is to study your target market so well that you know their biggest, most important challenges and have a unique solution to solve them. Deliver your solution just the way they want it and exceed their expectations. This way, you become “hot cake” and sought after. Now, how would that make you feel? Valuable, no doubt!

2. Segment your lists; qualify your leads

Collect details from everyone who shows interest. Then determine who fits your ideal client profile and who does not with a screening process. Invite enquirers to take a survey, to complete a questionnaire or to do something to self-qualify. The ideal ones take the step and go further into your database (your follow-up list) as prospects while the non-ideal ones will drop out or stay with you as observers. But at least they are not clogging your database and it costs you little or nothing to stay in touch with them. Some of these observers will even become prospects and clients in the future!

Nowadays, practically everyone gives away a free eBook. Though a lead generator, this is still another way to haul in a load of freebie seekers. It is free, remember, and that is what they love! The story will change however, if your lead generator is an inexpensive physical product requiring a minimum investment of postage and packaging! Or an inexpensive ticket to a value-packed event! If a person is ready to pay postage and packaging or buy a ticket and attend an event they have shown that they are genuine enquirers, hot prospects, who could become clients or referral sources with effective follow up. But such effort and expense would be too much for a freebie seeker and so, mission accomplished! They remain happy observers, occasionally receiving your value-packed communications while your qualified prospects are taken care of in your database!

In summary, be kind to your following of silent observers as they may well become clients or referral sources down the line. But remember, being kind includes providing them appropriate service. And this is not something they will get in your prospect database, since they are not yet prospects. Pre-screen your enquirers to sort out those who are not ready to invest with you, then commit your resources to those who are!

About the author: After failing in several businesses due to lack of clients, Oma Edoja learned what works, built her client-attractive business and now helps women business owners attract regular, ideal clients! She is the creator of the GetClear, GetKnown, GetClients System (TM): 7 easy steps to attracting regular, ideal clients. Through this vehicle Oma shares her wisdom and experience gathered over 20 years and learned from her successful mentors. This way, she is able to help you avoid the mistakes she has made, saving you time, money, and wasted effort!
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