25 New ways to stay in front of potential clients on Google+

Google+ has introduced a new concept in online branding. In effect an online “calling card” that represents you, your business and your brand throughout Google’s real estate. It’s called the Hover Card.

cas1The power of the Hover Card

The hover card provides an instant snapshot of who you are and what you do, and tells potential clients how they can work with you and how you can help them. Use the hover card to your advantage by sharing your strap-line or core marketing message (think Twitter speak, the less characters the better).

If you’re running a local or bricks and mortar business include your location so customers instantly know where you are.

What triggers your Hover Card?

When someone hovers over your name on Google+, notifications within gmail or YouTube, your hover card pops up. They’ll see your cover photo, profile image, name, a link to “add you to circles” (or showing which circles you’re already in) or “follow”, your tag line, employment and location.

What’s on the Hover Card?

The Hover card uses information pulled from your Google+ profile and cover image (another great reason to optimise your profile and make sure it represents you in the best light). The information updates in real-time so you can change it whenever necessary. Here’s how to optimise your Google+ profile

This is best illustrated with a couple of examples….See how Julie Hall’s cover image translates into her hover card…








And, here’s another example from Facebook expert Amy Porterfield






Where does the hover card display?

The Hover Card appears in over 25 places online including:

  • Posts
  • Status updates
  • Comments
  • Membership within communities
  • YouTube comments
  • Google Hangouts
  • +mentions
  • +1’s
  • Notifications within gmail
  • and many more

Read Stephan Hovnanian’s excellent article for a comprehensive list of all the places your hover card appears.

How to get even more bang for your buck

Post your Google+ badge on your website and it’s your hover card that displays. Best of all, it’s interactive! Visitors to your website can add you to circles or visit your profile with one click, and without needing to visit Google+.

It works the same way within Google+ notifications, hangouts and YouTube. Users can instantly interact with you wherever the hover card pops up. No wonder the hover card is such an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Stephan Hovnanian calls it ‘The ultimate networking and personal branding tool…’

So why not grab this opportunity to get in front of your potential clients and promote your brand every day.  Make sure you’ve got a great Google+ profile and an attractive and compelling hover card that’s working for you 24/7.

I’d love to know how you’re using your hover card to promote your business or brand. Please share your experiences in the comments below.

Cassie Hicks Kerr

Cassie is a mother, real estate investor, online entrepreneur, author and speaker. Through Modern Marketing Spark “MMSpark” she helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses using savvy online marketing and social media. Cassie is offering a free Google Plus Quick Start Guide: 10 Awesome Ways to Build Your Business on Google Plus so don't forget to grab your free copy.

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