Begin with you and improve your self-esteem

Hello World!

I’d like to introduce you to…You!

In my recent experience, I’m regularly meeting women who are struggling with their body image and self-esteem. They tell me that they find it really uncomfortable to look in the mirror and take the time to look at themselves. I’m often told they just can’t do it or it’s a look beyond exercise: “The dress is lovely. Not on me but it’s expensive and they’ll notice that”: “I can’t look in the mirror so I’ve got the same clothes in several colours, it’ll do” or “I’m not worth the effort”.

Women have told me they cancel social engagements and meetings because of how they feel. It’s a big deal and it may seem irrational but it’s real and it’s a common problem. They can be trapped within themselves and with their self-disgust, lonely and unsure. Understandably (yet wrongly) they assume there’s no alternative. This is the way it is and the pain of this belief increases the chances of seeking some way to numb this discomfort and the development of upsetting behaviours.

You may notice these signs of low self-esteem …

• Longer working hours and a ‘could do better’ attitude
• Poor or selective time management
• Mood swings
• Feeling unhappy often
• Negative internal dialogue/thinking
• Avoidance of mirrors etc
• Socialisation issues
• Loss of confidence
• Possible emotional eating habits
• Chaos

So what’s the alternative? Well for me it’s always to recognise what’s happening, this is the starting point. When we know what we are doing, we can choose to change. When we realise how out of control this all feels we CAN take action.

Tips to improve your self-esteem…

• Do just one thing that’s kinder to you today. One thing that respects you as a woman and you living in your skin. Be creative and play with ideas.
• Reduce your contact with other’s who encourage feelings of body dissatisfaction.
• Start to keep a compliments book. Listen for the varied compliments or positive comments that you receive about yourself and your body
• Receive compliments with a simple thank you
• When you look in the mirror look at yourself as a whole, not cutting yourself of at the perceived ‘bad bits’
• Question your thinking. Help yourself to rationalise what you are thinking or seek support to do this
• Cut back on your triggers. Discovering what makes this thinking worse will always help
So you are your business, you spend time on so many aspects of this business. You spend your energy on creating success and I’m suggesting it all begins with you and you feeling comfortable in your skin. Begin with you and just see how much your life and business benefits!

Do you find that your body image and self-esteem affect how you run your business? Perhaps it only effects you occasionally or it’s something you battle on a daily basis. Which techniques do you use to control these feelings? We’d love to hear your comments – please post below.

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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