Is having a business coach a pre-cursor to success?

For some, this question may seem odd. You set your business up, get advice on finance and then off you go into the sunset and make your millions! Well didn’t everyone do the same as me? Make a very impulsive decision to set up and just make it happen because you didn’t want to carry on with the life you had. The life of the hamster in the corporate wheel…going round and round and round until you were positively worn out!

If you planned your change in life and became a women entrepreneur in a more relaxed fashion then it’s possible that you have the support network and the advice at your finger tips. You might be one of the lucky few as are the women that are starting up in business in my local area. These women are supported by a local charity and have in their first few months of their business life, a number of training days, a personal life coach and business mentor to help them through this challenging period. Yes, you may have guessed, I am one of the business mentors and life coaches and it has been a wonderful experience to give back to the community and to help others. It gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when I see positive changes that are a direct result of the sessions and that it makes a difference to how someone is moving forward in their business.

What have I learnt over the last few months that builds a strong business case for all women entrepreneurs having a dedicated life coach and business advisor. I’ve learnt that no matter who you are and what life you have, you always have to strive for a balance in your life. Nobody has got it all and everyone has challenges in their lives that they support with.

What do I mean by balance? From my point of view, I believe that the personal values you hold now, in this present day, and your goals in life need to be in line with each other. You need to balance your work life and how you live your life outside of this. Balance, I believe, becomes more and more important the older you get. If you aren’t in balance, your body and mind start rebelling. You often get ill. Illness manifests itself in mental illness or a weakness in your physical body. It is important that you seek support from family, friends, therapists, business advisors and think of it as investing in your self and your well being.

Another valuable lesson …Don’t feel guilty about needing support. Women are very good at beating themselves up and sometimes it takes a person who is detached from your life to say, ‘Let it go! You have permission to stop this cycle and create a positive step forward with this area of your life.’ What a difference this can make – I can’t tell you how many clouds have lifted once I figured this out!

When you take life coaching and business mentoring together, the results are staggering

  • A chance to un-clutter your mind
  • Assess your values in life
  • Review your goals
  • Prioritize those goals
  • Figure out the milestones for a life balance
  • Be open to new business skills possibly needed
  • Tap into networks and new contacts for new opportunities
  • Take on standard best business practice from an expert e.g. business planning, promotional strategies
  • Be motivated and sustain that feeling for as long as it takes to succeed

The combination is powerful and never fails to drive women on in their business life whilst accepting and tackling other aspects of their lives.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or have been for a while, support in all sorts of shapes and sizes is key. For my local women, they have been enormously lucky to have had dedicated support and assistance. Success is around the corner for these women and they only have to reach out and grab it.

Why not share your perspectives on business coaching. Tell us what difference has it made in your life and your experiences of it.


Photo credit: Photo by Pyza.

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