Is it time to take a pit stop on your life? 5 ways to regain focus and motivation

Do you feel as though you are not getting the results you want in your Business due to a lack of time?  Are you neglecting some areas of your life because there are just not enough hours in the day?  Do you feel frustrated that you just cannot seem to get everything done?

If these sentiments resonate with you then it may be that you have lost your sense of focus and direction.  Juggling running your own business on top of managing your personal and home life can pull you in so many different directions at once that you end up not moving forward at all.  When you try desperately to keep lots of balls in the air at once it can be easy to lose sight of your goals and so stray away from using your time productively.

Fear not, it is never too late to turn things around.  You just need to take a productive pit stop in order to move forward in the right direction and get your goals back on track.

A Pit Stop on Life..

5 Ways to Regain Focus & Motivation

1. Sit Back & Observe

Begin by reviewing what is currently happening in your life.  An effective way of doing this is to disassociate yourself with the situation by thinking about it as a film with you being the main character.  If your life was playing out on the big screen, what would you see?  What would be getting in that person’s way?  Then make a note of your observations as these will inform your decisions about what changes you can make.

2. Identify Unhelpful Behaviour Patterns

What behaviour patterns do you have that do not serve you?  For example deciding to reorganise your paperwork (even though it doesn’t really need doing) when you know you should start that proposal you have been putting off.  Recognise when you are engaging in avoidance behaviour by inventing a code word or phrase that will make you smile.  It is important that the phrase you choose makes you smile as its purpose is to act as a gentle reminder that you could choose to spend your time more effectively.  For example, “Jelly beans on toast!”  This will help you to break the cycle and encourage you to turn your time and attention towards something more constructive.

3. Pinpoint Valuable Activities

Research has shown that 80% of the valuable outputs we generate comes from just 20% of our efforts.  The trick is to identify what your top 20% of activities are and then increase the amount of time you spend doing these.  Focus on each area of your life where you hold a goal and list the 3 activities in that particular area that add the most value.  Then estimate approximately how much time you spend doing these activities each week as a percentage.  You may be surprised to see that you do not spend as much time on these high value activities as you could and so are not capitalising on your use of time.  Now with your top 20% in mind, plan your week to increase the focus on doing more of what works.  The results will speak for themselves.

4. Crank Up the Feel Good Factor

How can you muster the energy levels, positivity and strength of mind to achieve what you want to achieve if you are not feeling good about yourself?   Investing time in the things that make you feel good is fundamental to success across all areas of your life.  Think of this time as important as water is to a plant, without which you will be fighting for survival.  List all of the things that make you feel great and make sure you do at least 3 of these a week.  This could include a variety of things such as exercise, spending time with friends or going for a walk in the park.

5. Use Your Success Tactics

Make tackling challenging activities easier and more enjoyable by creating a list of the things you can tap into that give you support, encouragement and motivation.  Your success tactics could include motivators which bring about positive feelings of success and happiness in you such as a song, a picture or a photograph.  Alternatively you could consider environment easers that make you feel more relaxed in new situations such as going to a class at the gym with a friend, or doing thorough preparation before a meeting.

Performing a pit stop on your life allows you to evaluate and optimise upon your use of time, accelerating you forward to achieving your goals.  Repeat a pit stop at least every 3 months or whenever you feel you have lost direction and you will be well on your way to living a happy, fulfilled and focused life.

About the Author: Donna Joy Hubbard is a Certified Life Coach and Director of BeDynamic Life Coaching – .  Donna is passionate about empowering people to live their lives to the full. Applying research led and creative techniques, Donna helps individuals unlock what it is that they truly want and identify how they can achieve this confidently and effectively. Donna’s clients include people from a variety of professional backgrounds including; Professional Services, Broadcasting, Events & Marketing and Health & Beauty. Donna believes that passion plus a strategic plan = success in achieving your life goals.  This is what BeDynamic calls a Strategy for Life.

BeDynamic helps individuals to unlock what they truly want by letting go of external influences to free their mind and their potential. Coaching with us is a journey of self discovery empowering you to be self confident, vibrant and in the driving seat of your life. This is to BeDynamic. BeDynamic is a member of the Association for Coaching.

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